Face Lift. Aesthetic concerns for people are becoming more critical every day. With the development of technology and increased success rate in surgical interventions, people now decide aesthetic interventions much more quickly. The most preferred part of aesthetic interventions is undoubtedly the face. Since people first communicate with their faces and the person opposite them, interventions are usually made to the face.

Many different interventions can be made to the face. Facelift operations, which have been carried out for a very long time and which millions of people have resorted to, are one of these interventions. Stretching operations, an operation applied by older women in the past, are now much earlier, and gender Seger.

What is Face Lift?

With the progression of age, sagging on the percentage begins to occur. These sagging can also occur when people who have a very high weight lose too much weight in a short period. Sagging has a structure that will create aesthetic dissatisfaction. They rarely create health problems. In this case, the skin on the face is stretched with the procedures performed, and the sagging problems experienced are minimized.

Facelifts performed by specialist doctors do not only strain the skin.

These procedures are performed by moving all the kamas of the skin together. The patient and the doctor decide together what kind of procedure should be performed in the facelift, where both surgical and non-surgical options are available.

Is It Possible to Face Lift Without Surgery?

When unwanted images occur on our faces, they need to be intervened to be corrected. While even severe problems can be solved with surgical intervention, such stretching operations are straightforward. However, surgery is always risky and can reveal a variety of problems. Therefore, people wonder if these procedures can be performed without surgery.

It is also possible to perform facelifts without surgery. Depending on the level of sagging experienced, sagging can be corrected with various operations. However, as in surgery, it is not easy to obtain definitive results. Also, it is difficult to remove the sagging with the stretching process altogether. There is usually a certain amount of improvement.

What are the non-surgical facelift applications?

Our country is one of the most developed countries in the area of aesthetic interventions. The rapid development of the sector has been made by many people applying for these transactions. In this way, the existence of different methods that can be applied for stretching operations can also be mentioned.

Face Lift With Filler Applications

Filler procedures are a method that is not in the category of surgery and can provide aesthetic benefits. Wrinkles or lines can be lost with fillings on certain parts of the face. However, the filling procedures applied to the upper part of the face cause the skin layer to stretch at the bottom of the face. In this way, a facelift can be performed without surgery.

Facial Mesotherapy

The skin needs to have enough vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to have a healthy structure. Sagging on the skin where these structures are found occurs much later and shows itself at a more minimal level. With facial mesotherapy, the missing vitamins and minerals are restored, and the skin is self-contained.

Face Lift with Ultherapy

Ultrasound technology is also used to remove sagging on the skin. In the method called Ultherapy, sound waves interfere with the skin. This sound leads to minor damage to the lower layers of the skin of the waves. These damages cause the skin to start to stretch again. A facelift can also be done in this way.

Face Lift with Thermage

The Thermage method is also prevalent in the methods applied for stretching the face. In this method, the bands located in the lower layers of the skin are stimulated by interfering with the skin using radio frequencies. With the estimation of elastin and collagenous bands, skin tightening begins to occur. The skin will look much tighter than before.

Face Lift with V-shape

The V-shape method is one of the faces lifts that people have frequently resorted to recently. The operation begins by heating the collagen fibres located in the deep layers of the skin. With the interventions made to these heating fibres, the fibres will be stretched and become firmer. This eliminates skin sagging.

Face Lift with Scarlet S Fractional Radio Frequency

Scarlet S operations are also among the methods that interfere with radio frequencies and skin. When using radio frequencies to reach the lower layers of the skin, golden microneedles can more easily direct these frequencies. Thus, the lower layers of the skin are wholly controlled to make the skin stretch.

Face Lift with Rope

In this method, which is very popular in non-surgical facelift operations, skinny surgical ropes are added to needles. These ropes are placed on the lower layers of the skin. The ropes that trigger blood circulation and collagen production in the part where they are found soon help the skin to begin to recover and recover from the effects of old age.

Are There Any Harms to Non-Surgical Face Lift Applications?

For people who want to eliminate sagging on their faces, non-surgical methods are as important as the surgery. Many people prefer to turn to non-surgical methods in the first place. However, in these methods, there is a concern about severe damage to the skin. People are always afraid of these operations with different devices.

It would not be right to make a definitive judgment on whether non-surgical facelifts are harmful. All the methods mentioned at the top are methods that can positively affect professional centres. They also do not cause any permanent damage to people’s skin. However, it is required to make sure that it is a process suitable for skin structure.

What is Face Lift Surgery?

People who do not trust non-surgical methods or who do not get results even though they have tried these methods activate the option of a facelift with surgery. Surgical stretching procedures are the applications in which skin tension is provided with the procedures performed here by creating cuts on the skin.

This method, which is usually applied due to discontent in the skin’s appearance, can also be applied as a compulsory treatment method.

This surgery should not be underestimated. These procedures are performed by professional doctors who have performed these operations for many years. While the team will perform the procedures in the operating room, many preparations will take place before. In order to avoid any problems, every step must be taken correctly. Severe mistakes should be avoided for more affordable prices.

Who Is Suitable for Face Lift Surgery

It is not very possible to put the surgeries performed to remove the sagging on the percentage to any limit. Facelift surgeries can be performed for any person who is not satisfied with the sagging on their skin. It is not possible to talk about a minimum age. Of course, there are not many applications as there will be no sagging in young people.

This method, which is widely preferred by women over the age of 40, is one of the options frequently applied by men recently. It will also be a suitable operation for people of all ages who have overweight and quickly lose this weight and sag on their faces.

Is there an age limit for facelift surgery?

It is not possible to talk about the age limit in facelift operations performed by specialist doctors. Young people who think they have very mild sagging on their faces will not undergo these surgeries. Doctors do not perform this surgery without a severe aesthetic problem, thinking ethically that this is not true.

They are suitable surgeries for people with severe sagging on their faces. These sagging usually occurs after the age of 40. Although there is no official information, there are not many people under 40 who have performed this operation. If these are formed by weight change, no age limit is set. Even in 20-year-olds, this operation can be easily implemented.

Where to Perform Face Lift Surgery?

People know how severe brain or heart surgeries are. The way many people lose their lives during these operations allows people to take operations very seriously. Plastic surgeries are performed accordingly, which people despise, but these operations are also severe and are performed in operating halls.

Applications are made to professional doctors for surgery. Doctors give a date according to the free days in the operating room, and operations occur on these dates. It is not possible to do operations in private offices or health centres. Although it is an aesthetic procedure, there may be unexpected problems in facelift surgeries. In such cases, these operations are carried out in advanced hospitals to be intervened immediately.

What are The Risks Of Facelift Surgery?

As with all surgeries, certain risks should be mentioned in swimming stretching surgeries. These operations did not result in death. However, wrong actions can reveal problems that can go as far as people lose their lives.

If professional doctors do not perform the surgeries, risks such as skin discolour changes, loss of mimics or the formation of images that do not want to occur may arise. In some people, there is also the emergence of various skin diseases. However, if all tests are carried out, and the body is found to be suitable for these procedures and operations are carried out by the right people, there will be no problem.

What to Do Before Face Lift Surgery?

Surgeries are not operations in which people participate directly, and the result is taken. As well as the process before surgery, the process before surgery is critical. Before the surgeries, the skin is examined by doctors first. If it is found that there is a problem from an aesthetic point of view, surgeries are performed.

All movements of the skin are analyzed before the operation. Analyses are performed so that there is no change in people’s appearance, that they can show their mimics in the same way, and that the organs on their face can move. These analyses are critical in the success of facelift operations.

How to Perform Face Lift Surgery?

General anaesthesia is applied to patients during surgery. After anaesthesia, incisions are created on the skin when starting the procedures. Thanks to these incisions, the possibility of intervention in connective tissues and mimic muscles located in the lower layer of the skin are revealed. Loosening these tissues is detected, and the baps are moved to their righted positions, making them tense again. With these procedures performed during the facelift operation, the tissues are returned to the state they were in when there was no sagging.

The incisions opened during surgery are usually 1-2 mm wide. Since there are tiny incisions, there is no serious sign of a trace after surgery. Also, these incisions are opened in invisible parts of the body, and procedures are performed.

After the ligaments are brought to the desired level, the incisions are sewn and closed. The operation is terminated by taking the patient to the restroom to return to normal.

What to Do After Face Lift Surgery

People have convinced themselves that there will be bruising and swelling in the aesthetic processes performed. After the facelift operations, it is thought that the face will be swollen and bruise too much, and you will not be able to get inside. However, it does not allow such negative situations to occur at the medical sector’s technological level.

There will be no bruising or various deformations in completed operations. In some patients, a slight amount of oedema can be mentioned. However, even in these patients, oedema takes 48 hours to leave the face altogether. Since there is no bruising in this process, people can quickly move on with their lives.

How Long Is The Perdurability of Face Lift Surgery?

People think that when they do facelifts, they will stay that way for life. However, that is not the case. Just as there is no sagging in the youth period, then the sagging problems corrected in this operation will begin to occur after the skin tends to sag as the age progresses.

With these operations, specialist doctors who are always in aesthetic studies predict that patients will not have any problems for ten years. At the end of 10 years, however, sagging again can start to cause aesthetic problems. If patients have had sagging problems due to weight loss and have undergone this surgery at a young age, then sagging does not appear again after ten years.

Is There A Trace on Face Lift Surgery?

No matter where it is done in our bodies, the problem of trailing in surgeries makes people nervous. Even in parts that do not appear continuously, there is no need to leave a trace. When the procedure is a facelift operation, it becomes much more curious to trace any trace. Although people want the sagging removed, they cannot accept a mark on their faces.

Only 1-2 mm wide incisions will be opened during these operations. There will be absolutely no trace of sewing applied to these incisions. However, just in case, these incisions open in the hair area. Thanks to the incisions opened in the hair area; the skin becomes stretched and becomes a younger appearance. It will not be possible to see the incisions even when they have not yet healed.

How Much Does Face Lift Cost?

Prices are always crucial in aesthetic operations. Because these operations are not covered by health insurance, people make a net fee account before entering surgeries. It will not be possible to talk about a special price in facelift operations. Because according to the hospital performed and the doctor who performed the procedure, there may be changes in prices.

As in all parts of the world, doctors in our country are famous for their success in aesthetic operations. Since a large number of patients apply to these doctors, higher demands arise in price. The success rate will be high in the right hospitals, and every procedure performed in the right ways. People can apply by choosing a level that suits them from prices varying according to the level of experience.

Are All Aging Problems Solved With Face Lift Surgery?

Disorders experienced in the skin with ageing cause undesirable situations in the aesthetic perception of people. That is why many people have facelifts. However, these operations do not cause all ageing problems to disappear.

There are also aesthetic disorders that can occur with ageing in different parts of the body.

These problems do not disappear in stretching operations on the face. Also, all problems on the face will not be resolved by stretching operations. While the sagging problems experienced in any part of the face are eliminated, there are also reductions in wrinkle problems. If needed, all ageing effects on the percentage can be eliminated by doing different operations.