Breast Asymmetry Correction. The sizes of the breasts are different in 85% of women. Most women are not aware of this asymmetry. In some women, this difference is so obvious that it is impossible not to notice. There may be volume difference, nipple level difference, nipple diameter difference, or shape difference between breasts. In women with little difference between breasts, this difference becomes more obvious after breastfeeding.

The bigger the breast, the more it sags. In women with excessive differences between breasts, the situation is often a developmental problem. A breast may be larger and droop down. The difference between breasts can be even greater.

What is Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry appears is the unequal development of two breasts. If there is no big difference between two unequal breasts, this situation is accepted and the person can live with it. If there is a big difference in size between the two breasts, this problem may cause women to have confidence problems. Different breast sizes that can be evident over low-cut clothes cause women to feel uncomfortable and insecure. Tiny inequalities between women’s breasts are quite common. However, as the differences in breast size progress, this can be corrected with aesthetic intervention. Small breast asymmetries are generally not noticed by people. It can be established by the measurement made during the examination and the determination of the adhesion level of the breast on the chest wall. While lying down, the shape and measurements in the breast change. For this reason, all measurements and evaluations are done standing.

Reasons for Breast Asymmetry

In one of the breasts, there is a condition that causes deformity in the breast, which we call tube breast deformity. The lower part of the breast does not develop in tube breast deformity. The existing breast tissue grows into the nipple and enlarges it in the form of a tube. This causes the breasts to appear different in shape and size. In patients with asymmetry in the rib cage structure, curvature of the spine, and some genetic syndromes (For example, Poland syndrome has a unilateral breast, there is no chest muscle, and there may be finger anomalies in the same hand), there may be a difference in size between the breasts and the place of attachment in the rib cage. For example, breast asymmetry is often seen in cases of pigeon chest deformity, where the chest is protruding forward or the chest is inwardly collapsed.

Rib cage trauma or chest skin burns in childhood can cause a difference in shape and size between breasts in young girls. This occurs because injured tissue does not grow as much as normal tissue. In this case, healthy skin tissues can be expanded with some special methods. Later, the volume difference between the breast tissues can be corrected with breast augmentation or fat injections with a breast implant. More than one surgical intervention is required to achieve the desired result. Operations can be started after the age of 18.

In adolescence, which is the developmental period, one of the breasts may grow more than the other. The shrinkage that occurs in the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding may not be at the same rate. With the advancement of age, changes in the form of the breasts begin to occur. In these changes, more changes can be observed in one than the other.

A high degree of weight change may cause the asymmetric density in the breast. In cases of gaining or losing a lot of weight, an asymmetric increase in density can be observed in the breast with the change in the amount of fat in the breasts. Asymmetries may occur due to health problems in the breasts. In cases of gynecomastia called breast enlargement in men, an unbalanced change in breast size occurs.

What is Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry correction is an appropriate surgery for women who do not have an even appearance on their breasts. Breast asymmetry disorder can be congenital or may develop later. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are the leading situations that disrupt breast asymmetry. The disproportionate appearance of the two breasts can cause self-confidence problems in women, as well as difficulty in finding a bra and non-aesthetic images in clothes. Thanks to breast asymmetry correction surgery, women can now equalize their breasts, deformed breasts can be seen as more aesthetic and attractive.

The aesthetic problem caused by the disproportionate development of the right and left breast is known as the problem of breast asymmetry. This problem, which exists in every woman, is too low to be noticed in some women and is ignored, and in some women, it is a noticeable situation that can disturb the person and leads the person to seek a solution. Breast asymmetry correction surgeries are called surgical interventions performed within the scope of aesthetic medical procedures for people with one breast being normal and the other breast being small or large.

This problem can occur for different reasons for patients who need treatment. Proportional anomalies as a result of the development of the breast after pregnancy, growth differences in the breast after the breastfeeding period, proportional anomalies in the breast due to excessive irregular changes in weight gain and loss, proportionally impaired breast development due to hormonal origin, the growth tendency of a single breast due to genetic factors and the side effects of some drugs can be seen due to.

How is Breast Asymmetry Corrected?

Patients with breast asymmetry problems are first evaluated by physical examination during the treatment process. In this evaluation, the asymmetric problem in the patient may be that one breast is normal – the other breast is large, one breast is normal – the other breast is small, one breast is normal – the other breast is large and sagging, or both breasts may have small problems with dimensional differences between them. For this reason, problems are evaluated according to the findings of the plastic surgeon in the first examination. And these problems are tried to be eliminated by applying breast reduction, lifting, or augmentation procedures either alone or in combination.

Any of the general and local anesthesia methods must be applied for surgical breast asymmetry surgeries. One of the most curious issues of patients with breast asymmetry problem is how breast asymmetry is corrected. In this direction, a patient with a normal breast but a small another breast can be given as an example. Since the aesthetically problematic area covers only one breast, it is corrected by a surgical procedure to be applied to the small breast side.

Considering that there is no sagging problem in small breasts, the surgical procedure applied to fit asymmetrically with the other breast is to intervene in the area with a silicone implant prosthesis. Again, when the patient with one breast normal but the other big breast is evaluated, the problematic area is the big breast and surgical intervention is applied to this breast.

Unlike the reduction, silicone is not used in this process, and the breast is reduced without damaging the excess milk glands. This stage is the first step in the process. Because the problem of sagging on the side of the large breast is inevitable. The sagging condition after the procedure is transformed into aesthetic harmony as a result of the procedures performed on the muscles and with the recovery of the skin. As a result, breast asymmetry correction operations may require different surgical interventions for each patient, and the duration of the surgery and the prosthesis to be applied varies in terms of postoperative scars.

At What Age To Start The Correction Of Disproportionate Breasts?

These procedures can be started as soon as breast formation is completed with puberty. About 18 years old is suitable for girls.

Does The Disproportion In The Breast Repeat After The Operation?

The transactions made are permanent processes and are not expected to be repeated. But you will also appreciate that in cases of pregnancy, excessive weight gain, and loss, there may be an asymmetry in the breast again.

What is Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery Prices?

As I explained above, factors such as the shape of the asymmetry, its amount, and the methods to correct it determine the cost of repair of breast asymmetry (disproportion). So this is a very personal situation. That’s why I recommend an examination.

How Does the Process Work in Breast Asymmetry Repair?

Since the asymmetry shape and treatment of each patient are different, the processes also vary according to the procedure to be performed. Nevertheless, before you come to the examination, ask yourself which breast you like more, and be ready for the examination.

Preparation for Operation Time

Breast ultrasonography is requested for patients under the age of 40, and mammography tests for patients over 40 years of age. You will need a companion to assist you on the day of the operation.

Aspirin and its derivatives are discontinued one week before the operation. (Do not stop taking the medication without consulting your doctor)

It is recommended not to use the cigarette for a period of time before and after the operation.

On the day of the operation, do not use make-up, do not use hair gel, wear comfortable clothes, and leave your jewelry at home.

6 hours before the operation, nothing should be eaten or drunk.

You should be in the hospital for about an hour before the operation.

When you come to your reserved room, you will be given an oral medication if you wish and this will relax you.

Operation Technique

Asymmetrical breast surgery differs according to the structure, size, and shape of the breast.

  • If it is sagging compared to the other breast; breast lift operation,
  • If it is smaller than the other breast; augmentation operation or fat injection with silicone breast prosthesis application,
  • If it is bigger than the other breast; breast reduction operation
  • If it is asymmetrical with respect to the other nipple; bringing the nipple to a normal position
  • In gynecomastia patients; liposuction or reduction operation is performed.

Anesthesia Type

It is applied with local or general anesthesia depending on the procedure

What Happened After Asymmetric Breast Surgery

In the last part of our article, we will talk about the changes in the person after asymmetric breast surgery and the situations that people who have this surgery should pay attention to.

Depending on the condition of the operation, the patient can be kept under observation in the hospital for 1 night after the operation. In cases where it is not deemed necessary, the patient is discharged.

A few days of rest may be sufficient in line with the doctor’s recommendation for the person to return to their daily work pace.

There will likely be swelling in the breasts after surgery. These temporary swellings begin to return to their normal state within 6-7 days.

The stitches used during the surgery are made under the breast and become invisible over time.

People who have the breast image they want after the surgery will reinforce their self-confidence in this regard and can choose more comfortable clothes.

In this article, we have given you detailed information about the problem of breast asymmetry, which usually happens to women and causes patients to have a very difficult time both psychologically and physiologically. You have read this article and now you have learned about the risks and methods of the breast symmetry correction operation and what to do afterward. In addition, breast asymmetry, which means the size difference between the breasts in almost every woman, can be corrected by plastic surgery if it bothers the woman visually or psychologically.

In conclusion, the presence of asymmetry in the breast increases the anxiety about the aesthetics of the breast more. These problems can be solved by combining the methods used in breast surgeries. You may be uncomfortable with the appearance of your breasts or they are being asymmetrical. So, all you have to do is to consult a specialist physician as a conscious candidate with the information you get from this article and start the official procedure to have better breasts. Stay healthy with beautiful breasts.