You may want to change some of the details you notice in your body in everyday life. For example, plastic surgery is preferred to make a face to look better. Correct a small detail in your hand, or fix any part. Similarly, when there is a design problem with your nose, it is possible to solve this problem with rhinoplasty surgery. Most of those who want to have a nose operation perform plastic surgery. Thanks to such surgeries, the person who makes the nose look better says hello to a new life.

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery is an operation to correct the shape of the nose. Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is performed diligently by specialists in order to make the nose look better in the medical environment. Rhinoplasty is an operation that can be performed for various purposes. For these purposes, the individual who has a nose job gets a more beautiful appearance.

Rhinoplasty performed as a rhinoplasty surgery is a difficult operation. Therefore, the specialists perform this surgery by being carefully sensitive. Rhinoplasty is an important place for many individuals. Because of this situation, experts take care to do the most accurate aesthetic operation in the way they want.

Why Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

There are several reasons for performed rhinoplasty surgery. One of these reasons is that it is done to make the individual have a better nose. The individual wants to get a smoother and more beautiful look because he does not like his nose’s shape. In this way, a nose job is performed.

Another reason for the people who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery is that they want to correct the dingy on the nose as a result of an accident. This cause, which is less common than the other cause, is encountered from time to time in operations.

Another purpose of nose surgery is to correct the defect that occurs during childbirth. In the meantime, the nose job is performed due to some problems or to correct this innate condition.

People who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery prefer nasal surgery not only because they have an accident or because they do not look beautiful, but also because they breathe better.

Some patients may want to expand their air ducts by undergoing rhinoplasty surgery because they are not breathing comfortably. In some cases, this surgery may be preferred due to both aesthetic appearance and respiratory reasons.

How to Perform Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Before starting the operation, the specialist doctor notes the patient’s wishes and accordingly prepares the most appropriate surgical plan. After the necessary preparations are completed before the operation is performed, the operation process is started.

Drawings are made on the individual’s nose before undergoing plastic surgery, and the areas to be cut are determined. Every nose operation can be different. There is no specific stage because each individual has a unique nose. Some want a different look, while others may want a different work. Therefore, the stages may vary, but in general, the stages are similar.

Anaesthesia is performed before starting the nose surgery of the patient.

Anaesthesia can be in the form of local or general anaesthesia, depending on the situation. How to do the operation is given before the operation, and the procedure is performed accordingly during the operation. During local anaesthesia, the person is injected with the drug from time to time. This drug does not put a person to sleep; it does not keep them very alive; it calms them down. General anaesthesia can be performed both through breathing and in the form of a drug injected into the vein. With this method, the person is ultimately put to sleep, and the operation takes place quickly.

After the anaesthesia procedure, the operation is ready. At the beginning of the operation, a cut is made through the holes under the nose. The bone and cartilage under the skin, together with the cut opened, are re-adjusted according to the target. In the meantime, necessary corrections can be applied to respiratory problems. If necessary, the doctor can complete the operation by adding cartilage located in different parts of the body into the nose.

After the operations are carried out with the cut open under the nose, the cut is closed, and the seams are removed. After the operation, the patient’s condition is monitored, and he can be discharged on the same day if necessary.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Rhinoplasty surgery changes from the doctor who has just started this work, according to the specialist doctor and the very preferred doctor. Prices are generally affordable, but prices may be higher if you apply to a frequently preferred doctor, i.e., very demanding.

This is because that doctor does a quality and expert job, but doctors who are new to their job or are not in high demand can also do quality work, which varies completely from person to person.

Another condition affecting the price of rhinoplasty surgery is the materials used during surgery. Since each product will cost the health centre, the customer will pay the bill for these products as well. Some companies can offer surgery services at a more affordable price by discounting.

What Was Done Before and After RhinoPlasty Surgery

Many stages should be performed before starting nose surgery. Plastic surgery preferred by those who want to get a better nose can bring some risks. Therefore, doctors contact the patient before the operation and make the necessary examinations.

The specialist doctor makes some statements by talking to the patient. The doctor decides after the interview with the patient who is considering rhinoplasty surgery. During this interview, the patient is asked why he wants to have plastic surgery and his expectations. It is also determined whether the patient is ready for surgery. Also, the medical history of the patient is examined by the doctor.

Patients who are a candidate for rhinoplasty go through a physical examination with various laboratory tests, such as a blood test. Also, necessary shots are made about the nose. In this way, the doctor learns more about the patient’s nose.

In addition to such tests, the specialist doctor can take pictures of the nose from many perspectives and obtain more detailed information about the nose, both internally and externally. The purpose of taking the nose photos is to know more about the nose and make comparisons of the patient after nose surgery. Other information received includes skin thickness, cartilage resistance, physical examination results, as well as information.

Another detail that the specialist doctor pays attention to before starting nose surgery is related to the patient’s jaw. If the patient’s jaw is small, the doctor may recommend a jaw augmentation operation to the patient candidate who wants to have a nose job. Keeping the jaw small can cause an interesting appearance as it will provide a larger nose appearance.

With the jaw enlargement operation, the nose and chin become more harmonious. The patient may have jaw surgery on demand, but he or she will have a more aesthetic appearance if he does.

After nose surgery, the patient may experience memory loss, slow response, and fatigue for several days

This will be over shortly. After surgery, the inner dressing should stop for up to seven days. Depending on the situation, an extra procedure can be performed by the surgeon.

After a few days after the operation, there is a possibility of slight bleeding when the dressing is removed. For this situation that occurs after the operation, the nose needs to be cleaned. To prevent nosebleeds and swelling, the surgeon will talk about the precautions that need to be taken for several weeks.

After surgery, attention is made to keep the nose under too much pressure. In this process, the patient does not perform any nose-repressive procedure, relieves himself, and avoids psychological problems.

When going out on sunny days after the operation, a strong sunscreen should be put on the nose to protect the nose from the sun’s effect. In this way, the process is comfortably circumvented as no deterioration of the nasal tissue will occur.

It would help if you also were careful when taking a shower. Experts recommend pouring water from above instead of keeping it directly in your nose while you shower. During bathing, it is the need to be sensitive to the nose and gently washes the nose’s surroundings. However, in sleep, the patient should pay attention to the damage to the nasal environment.

Details to Know When Undergoing Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery comes across as an operation that many patients prefer to look more beautiful, get a more aesthetic nose, and breathe better. There are many things you need to know when doing this operation. Specialist doctors who do their job with their people perform a careful operation to get the patient’s best nose. There are some things you need to pay attention to and know both before and after the operation.

It is required to avoid medication about two weeks before the nose operation. Because some types of drugs can cause an increase in nose operation and subsequent bleeding, considering such risks, it should be noted that the use of the drug should be under the control of the doctor, and the use of the drugs prescribed by the doctor should be taken into account.

Another condition that should not be done before the operation is to stop using supplements, natural or herbal medicines, as well as smoking and alcohol. Such situations are events that trigger the operation and are an important factor in the formation of unformed results.

Another thing to consider before nose surgery is that you prepare yourself for it

If you are not psychologically ready, you may have some difficulties, be stressed and nervous. This can affect the operation and the postoperation process. Therefore, doctors try to determine whether he is ready by contacting the patient before the operation.

There are a few details to know after undergoing nose surgery. If you have been paying attention to everything so far after you have come out of the nose operation, there are more important details to watch out for now. Rhinoplasty is not a very simple condition.

One of the details to be considered after the nose operation is to be sensitive to the nose. As mentioned earlier, the nose is one of the essential organs. Experts reach inside the nose with a small cut without damaging the nose in order to make the necessary arrangements inside the nose. Accordingly, after the operation, the experts who do not damage the nose close the cuts they open under the nose and make it old as if nothing had happened. It is then necessary to pay attention to the patient’s nose and environment to be careful and sensitive.

After the operation, the patient may not feel very well

Suppose no problems are seen after the operation, and the tests are good. In that case, the patient is discharged immediately; if some problems are detected as a result of the follow-up, the patient should stay for another one or two days, and a companion is taken to assist him. After surgery, side effects such as late reaction, decision-making difficulties, fatigue, and temporary memory loss can be seen among the person’s problems.

After a nose job, you have to be nice to the nose in order to get a nice nose. Therefore, after many operations, it is essential to pay attention to the nose in all kinds of environments such as sleep, bathing, entertainment. For example, when you go outside after an operation, you should be prepared for any accidents that may hit the nose or nose when entering entertainment environments. It is best not to go out too much until the dressing comes off in the early days. Then it is to be careful.

For example, during rhinoplasty, it is not possible to lie face down on the nose while sleeping. Instead, he should lie on his back. Similarly, the patient should try not to return while lying down and program himself accordingly. In this way, it is possible to have a smooth sleep. Also, it is essential to be careful not to damage the nose in the bathroom. Getting a successful and aesthetic nose is one step ahead of you; the more you pay attention, the better a nose you have, you live to the full with your new nose.

Another situation to be considered after the operation is the activities carried out on the way out.

The patient needs to pay attention to every activity he does. For example, in the sun, a strong sunscreen containing many factors should be put on the nose and around it to protect the nose. Besides, it should not touch the nose when wearing sunglasses. Attention should be taken to ensure that the nose does not get infected; the best precautions should be taken. Also, the circumference of the nose should be kept clean and empty. The better you look at your nose, the more positive and accurate results you will be able to encounter.

After the nose operation, bloating may occur in the eyelids or changes in colour. After a while, this will pass. Another detail to know is that sodium should be consumed at the least level in this process.

Consuming too much sodium causes the bloating to go down gradually. Therefore, less sodium should be preferred for a faster recovery process.

It is risky to put ice bags or ice directly around the nose and surroundings after surgery. Therefore, be careful not to put ice in this area or to move any objects closer. Besides, it would be the right decision to take approximately one week off during this period.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Many rhinoplasty candidates want to have this surgery performed by specialist doctors in order to get a better nose. With this operation, the patient has many advantages.

One of these advantages is that it provides an aesthetic appearance. With rhinoplasty surgery, the patient achieves an aesthetic appearance. This is an important factor in making the nose look more beautiful than before. The reason patients generally prefer this surgery is to have the nicest nose. Patients who have aesthetic problems with the nose can have the nicest nose by opting for this method. This is one of the biggest advantages that patients provide with the operation.

Oxygen is taking its place as one of the most needed substances in our lives. The individual lives for about a month without eating, for a few days without drinking water, and for a few minutes without oxygen. Another advantage that patients provide with the nasal operation is the relaxation of the respiratory tract. Thanks to the expanding air ducts, the patient performs a better respiratory exchange than before.

This allows the individual to enter the lungs with more oxygen.

Aesthetic problems that take place after birth with nose surgery are corrected together with nose operation. In addition, the problems you experience after the accident are resolved through the operation. The blows to the nose and surroundings after the accident may have disrupted the nose’s structure and changed its aesthetics. For such situations, getting a nose job allows the nose to have a more beautiful and aesthetic appearance, while at the same time playing an effective role in solving various problems such as respiratory problems.

When you go out with the rhinoplasty operation and meet with many people, you have confidence and feel more comfortable. Because of the nose surgery, you get a better look. This means hanging out comfortably in environments with a nice nose and being more confident.

Another condition that is indirectly affected by the nose operation is your work life.

The way your face looks better now compared to prior makes you happier both in your work life and in your social life. After a nose operation with psychologically positive effects, you are now doing much work more comfortably and faster, and you are experiencing performance growth in your career. The performance increase you have in your work-life reflects positively on you.

A broken nose as a result of an accident, beating or fall can lead to aesthetic problems.

Thanks to nose surgery, this problem can be solved, and the broken bone in the nose can be corrected and made better than before. This allows you to say hello to a new life after the accident.

Another problem that is resolved with nose surgery is to get rid of sinusitis. Sinusitis is a disease that causes pain as a result of inflammation of the sinus around the nose. In addition, the current of the ample is among the most obvious indicators of this situation. In order to get rid of such problems, it is required to have a nose job.

Another advantage of these operations, known as rhinoplasty, is that it is the solution to the snoring problem. Snoring is not a major problem, especially for men, but it affects spouses. In addition to men, women may also have to snore. The nose also causes such conditions. With this operation, the problem of snoring is eliminated; spouses can sleep more comfortably with each other.

Sleep has a big place in our lives.

A person who does not sleep well can feel tired and exhausted from time to time throughout the day. An experiment observed what a person who did not sleep for a long time, i.e., for days, encountered. The results were astonishing. After a while, the person began to lose himself, speak strangely, and react late.

That is why people need to get their daily sleep. If the person cannot breathe comfortably, they may often wake up or not get a very comfortable sleep. With this surgery, sleep becomes a better quality for the individual.

With rhinoplasty to improve the nasal structure, there is also a decrease in the likelihood of an upper respiratory tract infection. When the ducts in the nose are narrow, there is also an increased likelihood of clogging frequently. This triggers oral breathing.

Because breathing through the nose is more accurate, individuals are more insight into germs when they breathe through the mouth. On the other hand, the nose has a more protected structure than the mouth, so it has a structure that holds germs and dust. If this operation is performed, it will become easier to breathe because the air ducts in the nose will be wider, and there will be a decrease in upper respiratory tract infections.

Some Questions About Rhinoplasty Surgery

To get a better nose, some questions remain in the minds of patients who are candidates for rhinoplasty surgery. One of these questions is whether patients under the age of eighteen will participate in this surgery. It is generally recommended that this operation be carried out in adult individuals. Rhinoplasty is not preferred, especially in individuals under the age of eighteen who have not fully completed their development.

In some cases, the nasal operation is performed in patients under the age of 18. In individuals approaching the age of eighteen, this operation is performed for aesthetic purposes, but the age should not be too young. Because when you do a nose job, the body needs to complete its development. In this way, it becomes possible to achieve a more beautiful and aesthetic body.

Another issue that people are curious about is the types of surgery.

The surgery is determined after the patient’s needs and the examination of the specialist doctor. Types of operations include open nose operation, closed nose operation, dynamic operation, 3D, and buffer-free nose operation. Closed nose operation is generally preferred for small interventions on the nose’s tip, while open rhinoplasty is preferred against cartilage and larger aesthetic problems.

In this operation, the permission is treated with precision to remain the lightest.

The operation on the tip of the nose is also the case that some individuals are curious about. Nasal tip operation is preferred in non-large problems with the tip of the nose. Because the nose’s tip is too high, too low, or does not stop too aesthetically, the preferred aesthetic operation makes the tip of the nose better.

Another question that patients are curious about is the duration of recovery. After rhinoplasty, patients can leave the hospital and be discharged on the same day. After surgery, the recovery time of the patients varies. Each patient can recover at different times according to certain factors. Within one or two months, the operation’s effect can be almost as low as six months to one year instead of sitting full and regaining its senses.

Another question that individuals are curious about is who performed the nose surgery

Some patients may wonder if nose surgery has been performed due to congenital problems or subsequent aesthetic problems, as well as respiratory difficulties. Nose surgery can be performed due to congenital problems as well as asymmetric situations after the accident. In addition, patients may resort to this operation even if they are experiencing respiratory difficulties and want to expand their air ducts. Nose surgery is performed not only for the better structure of the nose but also for various health problems. For example, the nasal operation is an important opportunity for problems such as sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infections, snoring, sleep problems, nasal congestion, nasal discharge.

Among the questions, some people are curious about is how to do a non-surgical nose job. People who follow or evaluate the surgical process may wonder what non-surgical nose surgery is done for, considering whether the surgery is risky. Today, specialists pay more attention when doing nose surgery. With the development of medicine, operations became easier. Thanks to this operation, which is carried out with the filling process, this process continues without opening the cut on the patient’s nose. This operation, which is preferred for people with suitable nasal structure, is generally the preferred type for deformation and aesthetic disorders.