Buttocks Augmentation. Everyone wants to have a unique look when they look in the mirror. That is why they want to make small changes in appearance from time to time. Aesthetic operations are at the beginning of these changes. This article will examine hip augmentation surgery frequently preferred by people who are not satisfied with their hips.

Everyone wants to have a unique look when they look in the mirror. That is why they want to make small changes in appearance from time to time. Aesthetic operations are at the beginning of these changes. This article will examine hip augmentation surgery frequently preferred by people who are not satisfied with their hips.

What is Hip Aesthetics?

Hip aesthetics are performed in order to remove defects occurring in the hip. In this plastic surgery, hip enlargement and hip reduction procedures are performed. It also recovers the hip. The body structure of all individuals is different. Therefore, everyone who will have hip aesthetics should be procedures within their needs. Not all individuals should be ed with the same procedure.

For some patients, the most suitable hip aesthetics, silicone prostheses, liposuction, or hip stretching procedures are much more appropriate for some patients. Therefore, the communication of the patient and the doctor must be in the best way. After the detailed interview, the most appropriate method should be decided and acted by the decision taken.

Hip Enlargement

Individuals who are not satisfied with their hips can grow their hips through plastic surgery. Fat injection is generally used in hip enlargement, which is frequently preferred by women. With liposuction, fat is taken from a different part of the body. The fats are placed on the hip, thus growing. However, at some moments, this process is insufficient. In such cases, silicone prosthesis is applied. Just like breast aesthetics, she uses silicone prosthesis in hip aesthetic surgery. This process is quite harmless. Besides, prosthetics are not felt by the person at the end of the surgery.

Hip Reduction

Hip enlargement can be done as well as hip reduction is easily performed. In some cases, quite a lot of fat accumulates in the hip. It is possible to get accumulated fats with liposuction easily. There is too much fat in some parts of the hip and a saggy image in some parts in some cases. In such cases, the fats taken by liposuction can be re-injected into the saggy structure. This allows people to have a small, tight hip, as well as much more rounded lines.

Hip Stretching

People who are not satisfied with their hips’ posture have a much-needed hip thanks to hip stretching. During this process, the saggy skin is removed, while the hip skin is stretched to give the hip a much tighter image. That way, the hip becomes upright.

Hip Aesthetic Surgery Methods

Women quickly get the hip image they dream of thanks to their hip aesthetic surgery methods. Now let us take a look at what those methods are.

Hip Aesthetics with Fat Injection

Hip enlargement by fat injection is also defined as liposuction. In such operations, fat is taken from the lower and upper parts of the waist, butt, with laser treatment. To make the hip much steeper, the butt’s fats are concentrated with particular substances and injected into the hip’s upper part. So the butt gets a much fuller look.

Hip Aesthetics with Butt Replacement

Butt replacement and hip aesthetics applications are generally performed in moments when fats are not enough. The substance sung under the name of butt prosthesis is silicone.

If the fat taken from the butt does not produce sufficient saturation when applied to the hip, silicone substances are placed on the hip to make the image more aesthetic.

After the use of silicone, the butt appears to be higher and much more dislocated than before. The silicone structure to be used is elastic. In this case, people do not experience any difficulties in their daily lives. Besides, there are no marks left in the area after the operation. Because the cuts to be made are quite short in length.

Butt Lifting Aesthetics

Butt lift aesthetics are applied more to people who were previously extremely overweight and then weakened. Weights that have been given too much also cause gaps in the skin after the fats melt. Because of the skin gap, skin sages, and the appearance of the hip becomes quite bad. Such images also make people extremely uncomfortable. What is disturbing is that this condition is easily handled with hip aesthetics.  Silicone application or adipose tissue injection is performed to correct the bad image and create a much smoother butt structure. Thanks to this aesthetic, women can have a much steeper butt.

What to Look Out for Before Hip Aesthetic Surgery

Hip aesthetic surgery is among the most special aesthetic operations. Therefore, the whole process must be planned in the best way before. The patient must first decide what he wants, then the patient’s wishes should be taken into account in the best way. People who are not satisfied with their hips have aesthetic anxiety and want to have hip augmentation surgery.  To eliminate concerns, one of the best surgeons who specialize in the field should be preferred.

When researching both the specialist and the clinic, it is absolutely essential to pay attention to the references. In this regard, the doctor’s earlier practices can be examined in detail.

The examination phase is also significant before hip aesthetic surgery. Many factors are being evaluated at this stage. Following the patient’s wishes, many investigations are carried out in order to achieve the best result. The blood and hormone values of the person who wants to be aesthetic are measured and benefit from imaging techniques, which are quite remarkable. Imaging techniques are used to understand the anatomy of the hip and to solve a better problem that is going on.

In this way, muscle problems or pitting situations that are not obvious from the outside are easily detected. Thus, much more detailed planning is done. Urinalysis is also performed if necessary. However, significant research is also being carried out against the risks that may be taking place. The surgical process of individuals who have been extremely productive during the examination process has also been very efficient.

The specialist doctor also needs to know in detail the medical backgrounds of people who want to be hip aesthetics. It is also essential to know the patient’s treatments in the past years, if any, chronic disorders. He is also being asked about his family’s medical history alongside the patient. In light of all the information given, detailed planning is being carried out.

The patient should also pay great attention to what needs to be considered before hip aesthetic surgery. Here is how to look out for things to look out for before surgery:

  • The patient should not consume alcohol or cigarettes before surgery. Both smoking and alcohol have negative effects on many cells, which are the body’s building blocks. Therefore, alcohol and cigarette consumption should be an end.
  • People must eat regularly and balance. Before surgery, acidic beverages containing caffeine should also be avoided. Foods with excessive sugar should not be consumed. Roasts, foods that contain saturated fat should also not be consumed. In this process, it is necessary to take care to take the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins necessary for the body. The more calories the body needs, the more calories need to be taken.
  • It is also essential to exercise before you have hip aesthetics. Sitting always negatively affects hip aesthetics. Even if you are at work, small exercises should be performed at certain intervals, even if there is an elevator, stairs must be used.

What to Look Out For After Hip Aesthetic Surgery

  • What to look out for after hip aesthetic surgery depends on the method applied during surgery. If there is a prosthetic use in surgery or fat injection is performed by the liposuction method, it is absolutely essential to wear the doctor’s medical corset after the operation. The medical corset both reduces the formation of edema and ensures the best outcome. People need to wear a unique medical corset for about a month.
  • If prosthesis was used in operation, these people’s sitting and sleeping conditions are also significant. Patients need to lie face down and pay extreme attention when sitting or getting up. Also, these patients should not have injections in the hip in any way.
  • According to the method applied, the patient must be hospitalized for one night after surgery.
  • After hip aesthetic surgery, people may experience a strain in their movements for the first few days. Mild pain and aching can also be felt. This is perfectly normal. The painkillers recommended by the doctor can easily control the condition.
  • There is no harm in people sitting after surgery. However, there may be difficulties in sitting and getting up for the first few days after the operation.
  • Edema occurs after the operation; a slight bruising can also be seen. After a few days, we can say that there will be a decrease, and after about a month, this situation will disappear completely.
  • Sports activities that are heavy in the first week after hip augmentation surgery are also not proposed. It is just a walk. After two weeks, all sports activities can be done easily.
  • Bath should not be performed for the first two days after surgery. People can start bathing on the 3rd day. However, we would like to say that there is something we need to underline. People who will use a particular medical corset for four weeks should not remove their corsets in any way; they should only remove them while bathing.
  • 1 week after the operation, one month after, and six months after the check-ups must be done.

Who Wants a Hip Aesthetic?

The hips of people with a slim physical structure have a flat shape in general. These people are not incredibly happy with the look of their hips when they wear trousers. Individuals who want to make their hips much more prominent prefer to have hip aesthetics.

There may be a significant sagging or flattening of the hip in case of excessive weight gain and loss. People who complain about this image also want to have plastic surgery and have the ideal hip size.

Sometimes due to genetic factors, the appearance of the hip may not be to the desired extent. Problems due to genetic factors are also easily resolved, thanks to hip aesthetics.

Risks of Hip Aesthetic Surgery

Every surgery has its risks. Therefore, there are risks of hip aesthetic surgery. At the end of surgery, infection, hematoma, rotation of implants, implants, and opening wounds may occur. In this surgery, people who are at significant risk are people whose body is quite large. These people need large implants. That is why the healing process can vary according to the implant.

Hip Aesthetic Surgery Price

It does not seem possible to give clear information as to the price of hip aesthetic surgery. Because many elements will affect the price of surgery. Here is how to sort those elements:

  • First, the purpose of the operation needs to be determined.
  • What techniques should be used during surgery should also be adjusted.
  • If fat and filler injections are to be used during hip aesthetic surgery, the amount of the substance to be injected into the area to be applied is also very important.
  • If there is to be a prosthesis application during surgery, the amount of silicone to be used will also be decisive in terms of the price of hip aesthetic surgery.
  • The hospital’s conditions, the doctor’s quality, and the supplement are also essential in determining the price.

Non-Surgical Hip Enlargement

Non-surgical hip enlargement is performed with an aqua-filling filler. With this filling system, the desired amount of fillers is injected into the hip’s desired area. In this way, the hip grows and plumes in the targeted amount.  The full hip has a more upright and more tense look.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Hip Enlargement

  • Non-surgical hip enlargement is easily preferred by individuals as it is not a surgical procedure.
  • Aquafilling filling is very compatible with human tissue. Ninety-eight percent of its composition is water. In this way, it has a very natural appearance.
  • The peroration period of this application is between 5-8 years.
  • There are no marks on the hip after application. Holes are drilled up to the tip of the needle. The filler is also injected into the hip through this hole. After the process is finished, the hole is closed.
  • There is no need for people to stay in the hospital at the end of the non-surgical hip enlargement procedure. This is done between half an hour and 40 minutes.
  • Patients can easily return to their daily lives within a short time after the procedure is performed.
  • The hip takes full shape within 1-2 weeks.
  • The sensory sensitivities of the persons are also entirely preserved.