Eyebrow Lift. The first thing that stands out in social interactions with people in the face area. Communication with a person affects the mimics and postures that we involuntarily create in the facial area of friendship. Therefore, if a healthy communication is to be established and be well known in the social environment, the face’s problems should be addressed.

The area that attracts the most attention is; eyebrows. As you get older and you experience a fall in the eyebrows due to the impact of gravity that has been exposed throughout your life. This makes people look older and insecure, overshadowing the age of identity. However, solutions to eyebrows that fall with developing plastic surgery are presented with eyebrow lifting methods. Thanks to the eyebrow-lifting methods, you can have a younger, more confident, and assertive face. However, because the methods have changed, you will also need to know which method is how.

What Are The Eyebrow Lift Methods?

The treatment methods used for eyebrow lift can be discussed in two categories with the most general scope. The first is non-surgical eyebrow lift methods, and the second is surgical eyebrow lifting methods. As you all predicted, non-surgical methods are tried to be preferred in the first stage, but if it is considered that there can be no efficient results, then surgical methods are applied. Non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods include botox, eyebrow lifting, and therapy and eyebrow lifting options. Surgical eyebrow lifting methods; Eyebrow lift, classic eyebrow lift, and endoscopic eyebrow lift can be counted with eyebrow straps. Suppose you have decided to take eyebrow lifting treatment. In that case, you can choose the most appropriate method for yourself with your doctor’s advice with the necessary information about these methods.

Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift Methods

Non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods, as you predicted, can result in less pain and pain without going under the knife. It can be said that it is more preferred than surgical methods, but it is more economical. Therapy and Botox methods are preferred if you want to receive eyebrow lifting treatment without going into surgery, and your doctor considers it appropriate.

Eyebrow Lift Method with Ultherapy

Ultherapy; is a painless method that allows the lifting of eyebrows using the ultrasound device’s energy. In this method, some energy is given to your skin by ultrasound. With the energy given, tightening occurs on your skin and your eyebrows that have come down to regain their young, healthy appearance. When the Ultherapy method is applied to your skin, the depth ratio is about 4.5 mm. Therefore, it can be preferred in eyebrow-drop problems that are just beginning. Depending on your eyebrow structure, the duration of treatment with Uterapia has changed, but the sessions of approximately 10 minutes are sufficient. It is possible to obtain permanent solutions with regular sessions implemented during the three months. Also, Ultherapy and eyebrow lifting methods are among the advantages of the first place; the skin does not cause scars and scars. Therefore, you can use the treatment method without any reservations, with peace of heart, only on the condition that you choose specialist doctors.

Eyebrow Lifting Method with Botox

If you want to raise your fallen eyebrows using botox, we need to tell you first that you need to start with a specialist. Because unlike the Uterapi method, it is necessary to design an eyebrow in botox.

To make this eyebrow design, gold ratios will need to be calculated, and the right choice will be made for you. During eyebrow design, the eyebrow is now looked at where the face is positioned. After the gold ratio account, your eyebrow area is positioned in the position that best suits your face and proportion. Thus, eyebrow lifting treatment can be successful. Botox will be a solution for you if you want to put your eyebrows in the most appropriate position on your face without lying on the operating table.

However, there are considerations when removing eyebrows with Botox. The dosage issue is the first of these. The dosage given to the skin should be well calculated and adjusted. Otherwise, it is not just your eyebrow; all your mimics on your face may negatively affect. Since we have seen more of these negative examples than the media, it is essential that you choose the most experienced and successful doctor, not to be wrong about being a non-surgical procedure.

Eyebrow lifting sessions with the Botox method vary approximately between 2 minutes and 10 minutes. The method needs to be re-done every six months. However, some doctors want to repeat the duration every four months. Since the doctor’s decision has changed in connection with your skin, you should be careful to follow your doctor’s instructions.

What Are The Advantages Of Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift Methods?

The advantages of non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods are quite significant. Although there are two different methods in the form of Botox and Uterapi, these two methods have common advantages. Therefore, it is useful to see these advantages before you insist on surgical operation with your doctor.

  • First of all, we can tell you the advantage; is the incision mark. No matter which surgical methods you prefer, you will indeed be exposed to incision marks on the operation. However, you will not have to deal with incisions, thanks to the non-surgical methods mentioned above.
  • After surgical procedures, various bandages will be found on your face and forehead area. These bandages will be opened, and dressing will be practised in various periods. However, you will not have any problems dressing in non-surgical methods.
  • Non-surgical methods will help you recover in less time and be the same in your social life. You can go back to your old life as soon as 1 hour after the app. With a younger and more assertive stance.
  • Surgical methods have a recovery time as well as a high duration of application. Unlike non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods, which can be applied in as little as 2 minutes, the duration of surgical procedures can exceed 1 hour.
  • In surgical procedures, especially your sensitivity in your facial area, will decrease according to the way you were before the operation. So we can say that non-surgical methods will not put a gap between you and the old you.
  • In non-surgical methods, you have the chance to get rid of light but negatively affecting your mimics, mostly thanks to the rays and Botox applications given to the skin.
  • Non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods will help you stay younger, more vibrant, and more assertive. Because the energy that these methods give to the skin is higher.
  • Among the advantages of non-surgical eyebrow lifting methods, positiveness is the last but most effective. They are non-surgical methods that contribute more in terms of perennity, even if they are applied in a short time compared to other surgical methods. Therefore, you do not immediately apply for a doctor to receive eyebrow lifting treatment again. Of course, that brings with it the economy. Non-surgical methods, which are known to be more economical, do not damage your pocket and financial budget as they are applied in more intermittent periods.

Surgical Eyebrow Lift Methods

Although surgical eyebrow lifting methods are the most current preferred methods, therapy and Botox are used as methods that cannot be resolved. There are three different methods for surgical eyebrow lifting treatment and, therefore, three different applications. Your eyebrow condition, skin, face, and assay results are significant when selecting treatment methods. If there is a chance that you can apply more than one method, you can make decisions in common with your doctor. Of course, in order to make a positive contribution to your doctor’s decisions, you must first learn about surgical eyebrow lifting methods. You can get information about classical eyebrow lift, eyebrow lift, and finally, endoscopic eyebrow lifting options from our article’s follow-up.

Classic Eyebrow Lift Method

The treatment, known as the classical eyebrow-lifting method, is actually a method that everyone is well known and has been practised in the context of plastic surgery for a long time. Many people also know it as a prank stretching surgery. In the classical method, aestheticians benefit from the scalp in the forehead area. With the operation, the scalp is removed, and the eyebrow is removed. Although it contributes to the beautiful appearance of your eyebrow and face, the classic eyebrow lifting method brings disadvantages. First, it can be shown as a disadvantage that hair reduction occurs in these areas by reducing the hair skin, and secondly, the method loses its validity over time. However, if eyebrow lifting treatment is to be taken with this method, it is always useful to get professional and referenced doctors’ services.

Eyebrow Lift Method with Eyebrow Strap

When compared to classical eyebrow lift, eyebrow lift with an eyebrow strap is a more practical choice. In this operation, the operation is started after the local anaesthesia given to you. During the operation, eyebrow lifting treatment is applied by opening holes in the forehead area and surgical threads. Treatment develops over time, and yarns used for hangers develop. However, it should still be said that it is not a lifetime practice. In general, after two years, you may have to apply the same method again. Of course, this period can be down to 6 months. During this time, your mimic use is as effective as the effect of your doctor’s practices.

Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift Method

Surgical eyebrow lifting methods include endoscopic eyebrow lifting. This method is more painless and more preferred, especially with the recent development of technology. As the name suggests, small cameras are used during this process. Thus, there are no marks or scars on your skin. As with other methods, doctors use scalp in this method but enter here by opening holes. Therefore, your stitches will not appear from the outside, and you will be able to result in the process with the least bleeding. The stitches located in the unit appear zone are taken within ten days after the operation, and you can return to your every day, daily social life. Among the advantages of the endoscopic eyebrow lift method is its purity, which comes to mind in the first place. You can get rid of your eyebrows due to a short operation that has fallen through many eyebrow-lifting methods and managed to print your name among the trusted methods and make you look old.

What should be done after eyebrow lift surgery?

As a result of your joint decision with your doctor as an eyebrow lift treatment, if you are going to choose between surgical eyebrow lifting methods; In this case, there are some procedures that you need to perform after the surgery. Even if their names, way of applying, and perennity are different, you will get a better result if you do not skip what needs to be done after surgery. Here is what to do after eyebrow lift surgery.

  • Swelling occurs in almost everyone’s face area after eyebrow lifting surgeries. The cause of these swellings is oedema, which the body cannot discard after surgery and builds upon your face. Even if you need as much time as you need to get rid of oedema, applying cold compresses during this time you expect will be more beneficial than just waiting. Cold compresses applied at regular intervals and in accordance with doctor’s advice will help to reduce payment-related swelling on your face more easily and in less time.
  • You can remove swelling from your face with cold compress applications. However, if you have purple marks on your face after surgery, it is important to contact the doctor who performed your surgery. Applying cold compresses to these bruises may often not be a useful solution.
  • Do not choose to bathe immediately after surgery as you came home. In this regard, your doctor will give you the necessary warnings, but the end of operation 3. Showering with the day would be a better choice. 7, which we can use as a great day, if possible. You can be patient until the day, i.e., until the day the stitches are taken. After your stitches are removed, you will probably forget all the surgery’s pains and scars and continue to release positive energy around you with your new eyebrows, your smiling face. Of course, you need to pay attention to your doctor’s recommendations and your doctor’s choice.

What are the risks of eyebrow lift surgery?

Eyebrow lift surgery has some risks, even if it has good results. Therefore, it is better to know the risks and then decide to have eyebrow lifting surgery. You can learn about the risks of eyebrow lifting surgery below.

  • The greatest risk in eyebrow lifting surgeries; it is the over-lifting of the eyebrow. To avoid this risk, you must first meet the right plastic surgery specialist. The aesthetician who will perform your operation needs to analyze your face and skin structure well and perform accurate gold ratio calculations. Otherwise, you may be left with the risk of the eyebrow being removed.
  • Among the risks in the surgeries performed for eyebrow lifting are the marks that may occur on the skin. These marks can affect your social life after surgery and even negatively affect your job applications. Therefore, if surgery is to be performed as a last resort in order not to keep the marks on your face, it is better to choose the right doctor. The right choice of doctor will help you minimize the risks during eyebrow lifting treatment as well as in all areas.
  • Surgical methods are usually performed on the scalp. This causes you to experience hair loss in the future. Therefore, it will be possible to add hair losses that may occur after surgery among the risks. In this regard, you can request references to the surgical practices that your doctor performed before you. So you can be sure to walk the safe path before making your choice and making up your own.
  • Less and rare risks than the risks listed above include damage to nerves. Damaged nerves can negatively affect your mimics and the posture of your face. In to avoid such problems, surgery should still be the last choice for you. Losses in mimics and misdeeds can also negatively affect social life.
  • Non-surgical bleeding is not at all or is observed at the bottom stage, depending on your skin’s structure. Trying to cope with the bleeding; it can also harm your human relationships by affecting your psychology. However, you will not have to apply dressings in non-surgical methods, but you will not have to deal with bleeding. It will be inevitable that you will return to your social life immediately.
  • Infections are among the risks that may arise in surgical methods. Especially if your skin is sensitive, you do not do your dressings on time, or most importantly, your doctor’s wrong practices can cause you to get infected. These infections can damage other structures and organs of your body. Therefore, you must be meticulous in selecting doctors before the surgery and how your doctor asks you to do it after the operation.

Prices of Eyebrow Lift Treatment

The prices of eyebrow lifting treatment vary according to the method you choose. Especially surgical applications that cause you to pay more. Of course, the status of your eyebrow will also be effective in determining the price. After evaluating all of these, your doctor will tell you a clear price. Especially if you have insurance, you can get discounted eyebrow lifting treatment.