Mommy Makeover. Pregnancy and motherhood are one of the most important turning points in a woman’s life. In this sense, the pregnancy process causes many changes in the body, as well as some deformations. This causes many women to be dissatisfied with their bodies as they used to be. Even if excess weight is lost after childbirth, it may not be possible for the body to return to its former appearance by itself.

However, it is possible to restore the body to its old form with aesthetic surgical interventions in the face of complaints due to sagging breasts, vaginal deformations, changes in the abdomen and legs due to birth. This holistic surgical intervention method manages to bring the person back to the body form they had before pregnancy in a single session. With the method of maternity aesthetics, it is straightforward to eliminate the dissatisfaction caused by the physical appearance of the person after pregnancy with a practical solution.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Maternity aesthetics deals with the changes in the physical properties of the body during and after pregnancy and aims to help women attain the young image they had before birth. It does this by offering several surgical procedures in a single package, aiming to achieve the desired result in a short time.

Complaints such as sagging breasts due to breastfeeding after childbirth, fat in the abdomen and hips, cracks and swelling in various parts of the body are evaluated within the maternal aesthetic package.

Thanks to the control procedures to be carried out in a short time, the most common effects of birth and breastfeeding on a woman’s body are discussed collectively, and the body is restored to its old form with a single surgical operation. Among the surgical procedures where these various combinations are applied together; There are procedures such as breast lift and tummy tuck, removal of excess fat in the abdomen. All these procedures are presented among the most common standard surgical methods.

Patient-based procedures are planned and evaluated in a single package in line with personal needs and expectations, taking into account the processes that vary from person to person.

Aim of the Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy, a natural process in life, causes many changes in the body. It is possible to talk about these changes in the abdomen, breasts, skin, vagina and even face. A standard mommy makeover surgery helps lift the breasts, achieve a flat stomach and a rejuvenated vagina. Maternity aesthetics gathers all these procedures under a single roof, and thus allows you to receive surgical intervention as a package without interruption and without anaesthesia intervention separately.

Making it easier for the motherhood process to pass through with more pleasant and positive emotions, the application of motherhood aesthetics enables the person to be satisfied with his / her appearance and to feel better by affecting their self-esteem positively. Thanks to the mommy makeover, it is aimed to affect the mental and physical condition of the person positively and to increase the quality of life of the person.

Thanks to the application, the changes caused by the pregnancy process in the body are handled, and it is aimed to restore the physical characteristics of the prenatal period. At this point, the person’s expectations are essential. For this purpose, besides the procedures established as the standard for everyone, the procedures required to improve the mother with personalized methods are applied.

With the maternity aesthetics, it is aimed to recover the deformed body in one go without the need for several operations and to return it to the best possible state. It is possible to create a personalized maternity aesthetics package by choosing a few items for one’s own needs from the procedures listed as standard for complaints such as sagging breasts and deterioration of the volume, skin deterioration such as cracks and sagging, excess fat in the body.

Who are the Candidates for Mommy Makeover?

The most suitable candidates for a mommy makeover are those who are at least six months after their birth and their babies have been weaned. It is necessary to allow the body to renew itself and recover in the 6-month period after birth. For this reason, it is recommended that procedures such as breast augmentation be postponed until after the breastfeeding period.

Mommy makeover is healthier for those who do not intend to have a child anymore. However, it is also a suitable aesthetic operation type for expectant mothers who are thinking of having a pregnancy again after the procedure. However, with the pregnancy process to be passed again, the skin and abdominal muscles will be stretched again and will need repair. For this reason, candidates who consider getting pregnant again after having a mommy makeover should consider such results.

One of the essential criteria for the application of maternity aesthetics is that the patient does not have any discomfort that prevents the operation. Situations that prevent anaesthesia or the drugs you use regularly are among the critical factors that affect the performance of the operation. However, if you have a habit of smoking, you should quit this habit at least three weeks before the operation. Since smoking can negatively affect the recovery process after the operation, not being used during the recovery period makes it easier to alleviate the pain and the completion of the process.

As a result, the aesthetic operation is suitable for whom and in what situations it is applied, depending on the body structure of the candidate, personal wishes and body anatomy. The healing process, on the other hand, takes place in different time intervals proportional to this and specific to the person.

Types of Mommy Makeover and Application Techniques

The most important techniques applied in standard maternity aesthetic packages are breast lift and enlargement, tummy tuck, liposuction and labiaplasty procedures.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast augmentation and lift is a crucial element in maternity aesthetics. Because breasts that grow and swell to contain milk during breastfeeding begin to shrink and sag after breastfeeding. The procedure is performed by a combination of silicone prosthesis insertion into the breast and some skin soft tissue removal. It is possible to have a smoother and healthier appearance with a successful breast lift. However, with today’s techniques, it is almost impossible to perform these procedures without leaving a surgical scar. The incisions made around and along with the nipple and extending downwards can extend to the fold point under the breast. For this reason, it is not possible to completely eliminate the cut marks.

Tummy Tuck

The Tummy Tuck is the name given to the procedure that allows to remove the excess fat formed in the abdominal area and to achieve a tighter abdominal appearance by removing excess skin. Thanks to this process, flatter abdomen and a slim body are achieved. With the help of an incision applied along the bikini line, the skin on the upper side is pulled and tightened. The loosened skin and excesses are removed by this method, and the skin and muscles are tightened by stretching. Damage to the muscles during pregnancy is also removed in operation.


Liposuction is the name given to the process of removing fat from areas with excess fat such as the abdomen, hip, back and arms through a tube and cannula. This process provides a smoother body line by creating a more fit image. Liposuction is applied before tummy tuck surgery in maternal aesthetic operation.


The inner vaginal lips, which are usually loosened during childbirth, are uncomfortable and undesirable for many women. In addition to the aesthetic appearance anxiety, the relaxation of the inner lips and being longer than the outer lips may cause this susceptible area to affect daily life negatively. For this reason, labiaplasty applied within the scope of maternal aesthetics is a successful aesthetic operation that allows the loosened inner lips to be reduced and return to their normal appearance. In the surgical procedure, the excess skin in the Labia Minora area is carefully removed. The healing process is extremely short, and the patient can return to everyday life in a short time.

How Long does it Take to Get Reputting After Aesthetics?

It depends on the type of aesthetic procedure performed. We do not have any time limitation after a liposuction operation. Ideally, after six months of tummy tuck operations, the patient can get pregnant easily 1.5-2 years after breast operations. However, it should not be forgotten that no matter what operation we perform, the patient will see similar changes in his body when he becomes pregnant again, even if not as much as the first time. Therefore, patients have to make their plastic surgery and delivery plans accordingly.

Extra Information

Pain and swelling may be felt in the next two weeks after the mommy makeover. For this reason, it is necessary to eat a healthy diet and to restrict movements. It is necessary not to lift weights for at least six months, including the baby.

Some pain medications may be requested by the doctor to reduce pain. In order to maintain the results of the mommy makeover for a long time, it is essential to create an appropriate exercise program and sports routine after surgery.

Applying a healthy and balanced nutrition program makes it easier to maintain a fit body.

Having a good appearance after pregnancy is not only related to the aesthetic processes performed after birth. Postpartum appearance is also directly linked to your exercise and eating routine during pregnancy. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the issues to be considered for body health and physical appearance during pregnancy.

After the Operation

An important issue that should be considered for those who want to have a mommy makeover is not to smoke in the 2-week period before and after the surgery. Because smoking negatively affects the healing process after mommy makeover surgery. It is essential to take these into account so that people can respond to their expectations.

The results of mommy makeover vary depending on the need, as well as the recovery period depending on the person’s body type. Included in the motherhood aesthetics; It should not be ignored that all these processes that affect the recovery period after the procedures such as removing excess fat, labiaplasty, tummy tuck and breast augmentation vary from person to person.

The results of the mommy makeover show according to the body type, as well as the recovery time. Maternity aesthetics “involved”; It should not be ignored that all these processes that affect the recovery time after the procedure such as removing excess fat, labiaplasty, tummy tuck and breast augmentation vary from person to person.

Generally speaking, although the postoperative recovery takes approximately three months, it is safe for many patients to engage in activities that do not lift the weight and physically wear themselves too much, and to do work called desktops for 4-6 weeks. It is aimed to accelerate the recovery process with some restrictions such as avoiding heavy sports.

A healthy lifestyle program should be determined within a diet program, and a protein, vegetable and grain-based eating habit should be established. Paying attention to these processes not only accelerates the healing process but also allows the preservation of the new body image gained after surgery.

Also, a moderate exercise program for 7-10 hours a week is among the issues that the body needs after maternity aesthetics and will affect the quality of life in connection.

Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unique feelings that women experience. However, postpartum deterioration is the nightmare of all mothers and expectant mothers. Aesthetic surgery comes to the rescue of women in cases where regular diet and exercise are not sufficient to shed excess weight that is taken during pregnancy and cannot be lost after birth, and in case of extreme sagging and cracks caused by the loss of elasticity of the skin.

Even if excess weight is lost, aesthetic interventions are required to eliminate the deformation caused by pregnancy and to restore the body. While the type is so advanced, the variety of surgical interventions is so diverse, the deterioration in the body can no longer be permanent. Now all mothers will be happier thanks to this technology.