How about getting to know breast aesthetics much more closely, which is one of the aesthetic operations that women often prefer? What is breast aesthetics? What are the types of breast aesthetics? Who can do breast aesthetics? What to look out for before and after surgery? You can follow our article carefully for answers to all these questions and much more. Here is our unique article for women who are fond of beauty.

What is Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics is a surgical procedure both to change the breast’s appearance and reformat the breasts. This process is generally applied to women. However, we can only say it is done to men. Gynecomastia, which has a very high development of the male breast, is also reduced by surgery.

What Are The Types Of Breast Aesthetics?

With the development of technology every day and changing individuals’ needs, many new aesthetic operations are emerging. There are also many types of breast aesthetics that individuals prefer very much. Now let us take a look at what types of breast aesthetics are…

Breast Augmentation

Women whose breasts are smaller than the size they want to have breast augmentation surgery. This operation is done quite a lot and very easily today. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed both with prostheses filled with silicone gel and fat injections—cuts of about 5 cm open under the breast. The silicones are also inserted into these opening cuts. Prosthetics are never implanted in breast tissue. It is placed either under the breast tissue or in the lower part of the muscle located in front of the chest cage.

Specialists in the field must also operate. It is essential by which and where the surgery will be performed. Therefore, it is essential to do a detailed investigation of the subject before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. The right doctor, it is essential that the material to be used in surgery is correct and the right-center selection. Patients are not given uniform silicone prostheses.

Therefore, it is essential to attach silicones to patients, especially those from trusted companies recognized worldwide.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. This surgery lasts about an hour. The person who is sick after the surgery necessarily stays in the hospital on the same day.

The patient can stand up the next day and go home smoothly. After 3-4 days of rest at home, the sick person can quickly return to his daily life without any problems.

Why Do Breasts Grow Excessively?

  • Breasts can develop after pregnancy.
  • Breast growth may occur after lactation.
  • Breasts can grow when people gain excessive weight.
  • Breast growth can occur in several hormonal disorders.
  • Genetic conditions are also among the causes of breast growth.
  • The drugs used can have side effects.
  • Breast growth is seen as a side effect of some drugs.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is performed both for aesthetic purposes and to get rid of health problems that significantly reduce the quality of life. Also, people who are not satisfied with their physical appearance can be negatively affected socially and psychologically after a while. This causes them to be isolated from society. There are many problems experienced by people with large breasts.

Those troubles are as follows:

  • People with large breasts can be hunched over after a while.
  • People who want to have breast reduction surgery, back, shoulder, and skeletal pains.
  • The between the breasts of these people or the lower part of the breast is rash or irritated.
  • Also, those with large breasts have much difficulty breathing after a while. This makes breast reduction surgery mandatory.
  • These people do not like themselves physically and can not find clothes suitable for them. This causes both social and psychological problems.

Breast reduction is an operation performed by the removal of fat tissue in the breast and skin. This surgery is performed on people who have completed their body development and who are at least 20 years or older. Breast reduction surgery is performed only as a medical necessity for individuals under the age of 20. This operation under general anesthesia is completed between 2.5-4 hours. The person undergoing surgery needs to remain in the hospital for a day. The patient is discharged the next day. People can quickly return to their daily lives after one week of resting at home. However, for six weeks, you have to wear a bra that’s special for surgery.

Breast Straightening

Breasts that have lost their old form for some reason are reined with breast augmentation surgery. Women may experience sagging problems for many reasons. Breast sagging occurs during pregnancy and lactation periods, excessive weight gain, or loss periods. Many women who face sagging problems also prefer breast augmentation.

Why Does The Breast Sag?

For some reason, women’s breasts are sagging. Why does the breast sag? If we ask him, we can tie it to two reasons. One of them is one person’s age, and the other is gravity. Women may experience breast sagging problems after they reach a certain age. This kind of problem can happen in most women.

Gravity is also one of the main causes of breast sagging problems. For this situation not to happen much earlier, it is essential to wear a bra. However, people also need to pay attention to the choice of bras.

Breast sagging causes include frequent weight gain and loss. Weight gain causes an enlargement of the breast skin. In the case of excessive weakening, we see the deterioration of breast structure. Besides, a sedentary life affects breasts in a very negative way. A sedentary life greatly accelerates breast sagging problems. Therefore, sports must be done. We can say that the sport is extremely effective at delaying breast sagging.

How is Breast Augmentation Done?

People need to be examined before breast augmentation surgery. During the examination, the size and saggy rate of the breasts are evaluated. Then the specialist decides on the surgical operation he will use. Breast augmentation surgery under general anesthesia lasts an average of 2 hours.

So, how do you do breast augmentation? In individuals with mild sagging problems, silicone prosthesis is placed under the chest. Saggy state of the breasts of the persons, moderate or advanced, many different procedures are applied.

For moderate sagging, too much skin on the chest is removed in the form of a ring. The breast tissue is recovering from under it, and the cut-off places are being closed. For advanced sagging, the same procedure applied at the beginning of the chest, and the chest recovers to the bottom.

Who can undergo breast augmentation surgery?

To have breast augmentation surgery, it is required to turn 18. All individuals who are incredibly uncomfortable with this situation who have breast sagging problems and who are physically healthy can have this surgery. After surgery, there may be surgical scars on the breasts. Therefore, individuals who will trouble the traces of surgery should not perform this surgery. The mark that will occur after breast augmentation surgery may vary according to individuals’ recovery time, skin structure, and skin thickness.


Gynecomastia is a breast growth disease that occurs in men. The condition of male breast growth much higher than usual can be seen in early childhood, adolescence, or over 60 years of age. This disease can occur due to malnutrition and deterioration of hormone balances. Besides, many drugs used to improve the body, antidepressant drugs, excessive use of drugs, and alcohol can also trigger this disease.

Symptoms of gynecomastia

There are many signs of gynecomastia. Those symptoms are as follows:                                                                                                       

  • Symptoms of gynecomastia include swelling in the chest. In particular, swelling in one breast leads to breast cancer in some cases, and in some cases, it appears as a symptom of gynecomastia.
  • There can be swelling in both breasts as well as in one breast. This swelling is much more than usual. This is due to the growth of the breast glands and male hormones, which have undergone fat tissue changes.
  • Among the symptoms of gynecomastia, breasts are sensitive. In this disease, the nipples are very sensitive. When the nipples are touched, or the nipples are squeezed, a dark discharge or blood can come from the breast.
  • Hardness of the breast can also be felt. This can be felt easily when the tinge is touched. The condition of the breast is stiff in general is experienced in one breast.
  • Gynecomastia occurs with impaired hormone balance. A decrease in sexual desire is also among the symptoms of this disease. The balance between both estrogen and testosterone hormones can also be broken. In this case, men can move away from sexual matters.

Gynecomastia treatment

Gynecomastia is generally self-made. Meaning, sometimes you do not need treatment. However, if medical situations cause this condition, breast growth in men should be treated. In this process, men can also face severe pain. People can often be embarrassed by gynecomastia. Drug treatment or surgery is being performed for such cases. In cases where surgery is necessary, too much breast fat and gland are removed.

Asymmetry repair

Breast asymmetry is also among the types of breast aesthetics. In the case of disproportionate development of both breasts, people want to have aesthetic breast surgery. In this operation, one breast is normal, and the other breast is large while the other breast is small. If one breast is large and the other breast is small, the small breast is implanted, and the breast is enlarged.

The big breast is shrinking, too. In some people, one of the breasts is not developed by birth. The muscle tissue at the bottom is either significantly developed or never formed. In such cases, skin and muscle sheath are taken and transplanted from the person’s body to the non-breast area. An implant also supports the lower part of the area, and the procedure is completed.

People who have breast asymmetry surgery should also follow the doctor’s recommendations. They should use a special corset and sports bra recommended by the doctor after surgery. Also, these individuals should never lift a heavy load after surgery. It should also be careful not to smoke. It should be lying on its side or its back for about ten days.

Who can do breast aesthetics?

“Who can do breast aesthetics?” is among the most curious questions of those who want to become breast aesthetics. So, who can do this aesthetic? Here is the answer…

  • Until satisfied with breast size
  • Experiencing both lower back and back pain due to chest size
  • Who lost one or two breasts after breast cancer
  • All individuals with asymmetry in their breasts and good health can have breast aesthetics.

Advantages of breast aesthetics

Breast aesthetics have many advantages. Here is how to rank those advantages:

People who complain about chest size, after a while, begin to experience self-confidence problems. They make several attempts to hide their breasts or make their breasts look temporarily larger. Research shows that people with small breasts and breast augmentation surgeries are much more confident after surgery. Women are also observed to be much happier with this plastic surgery.

Some women who give birth lose volume in their breasts after a while. Although this situation does not occur very often, some women who give birth may experience such problems during lactation. In these cases, we see breasts shrink by 50 percent. Also, sagging skin tissue occurs with shrinkage. Breast aesthetics are also performed for such problems. Thanks to this aesthetic, both the breasts regain their former size, and chest sagging condition is eliminated.

Breast implants are among the advantages of breast aesthetics. Individuals’ breasts can also grow best with silicone. People who want breast augmentation without surgery get the breasts they want thanks to the silicone easily. Such operations are also very short in duration. Also, after the procedure, the person adapts to his daily life in a very short period.

Clothes are among the topics that people with small breasts complain about the most. Because of their small breasts, they sometimes do not suit themselves with the clothes they wear. People with large breasts do not have such problems. Therefore, people with small breasts feel much better in the clothes they wear thanks to breast aesthetics. In addition to the fact that these people look quite aesthetic in terms of appearance, their clothing preferences are much more comfortable than before.

What to do before breast aesthetics?

Like all surgical procedures, aesthetic breast surgery is of great importance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay extreme attention to what needs to be done before surgery. Here is what to do before breast aesthetics:

  • Mammograms must be taken to determine if there is a problem with the chest. Based on the outcome, the doctor decides whether or not the surgery will take.
  • Blood tests are performed before surgical procedures. Therefore, it is essential to have a blood test before breast aesthetics. Blood work also easily determines if there are any problems.
  • In some cases, there are signs in the breast that need to be detected. That is why the specialist wants an ultrasound. Since this process is routine, people do not need to make any concerns.
  • Anesthesia control is among the things to be done before breast aesthetics. Anesthesia check must be performed to make sure that no problems arise both before and after surgery.
  • Before the procedure, a physical examination is also performed by the specialist doctor. During this examination to determine the general health, the breasts’ condition is easily checked, and measurements are taken.
  • People should always tell their doctors before surgery about the drugs they use all the time. Depending on the situation, the doctor may also ask that the drugs not be used at a particular time.
  • People may have undergone some surgeries before or undergo some treatment processes. These essential details must also be shared with the specialist doctor. The specialist decides whether or not to have surgery on a case-by-case condition.
  • Nutritional status also has an essential place among what needs to be done before breast aesthetics. He usually does not eat or drink anything exactly the night before the surgery. However, for clearer information, it is essential to ask the doctor about nutritional status.
  • For a while, alcohol or cigarettes should also not be used. People need to quit both alcohol and smoking, provided they are at least two weeks before surgery. Smoking, which causes more bruising, also slows down the healing process considers. Alcohol also has a blood-watering effect. This causes much bleeding during surgery.

What to do on the day of breast aesthetic surgery?

  • The patient needs to go hungry on the day of surgery. The eating and drinking situation must end the night before. To avoid unwanted situations, a person’s stomach must be empty.
  • The hospital entrance time is also significant among those that need to be performed on the day of aesthetic breast surgery. The patient must be in the hospital a little before the time of surgery. It is essential to come before the hospital entrance time to complete the preparations before the operation and ensure that the preparation process for the operation is not disrupted.
  • The patient must have a companion with him. The patient is not able to drive or take public transport after surgery. Therefore, there must be someone with the patient. Moreover, the surgical kit needs to be ready. The surgical bag must be used to put on clothes, paperwork, or any personal items to wear at the end of surgery.

What to do after breast aesthetics?

  • People may have difficulty moving after surgery. This is perfectly natural.
  • People start to move slowly after a while.
  • No shower should be taken for four days after breast aesthetics. Patients can easily take their showers after four days. However, there should not be much pressure on the area being traded.
  • There is no harm in traveling after surgery. However, it is proposed not to go on long trips.
  • What should be done after breast aesthetics is how not to comply. People should not sleep face down for at least a week. Sleeping face down causes excessive pressure on the breasts. This causes the outcome of the surgery to deteriorate.
  • After breast aesthetics, bandages are on the breasts. Because of this situation, people need to use sports bras for a while. The sports bra tights the breasts and causes much less edema in people.
  • Drugs that should be used after surgery must also be taken regularly. These drugs speed up people’s recovery, as well as make them suffer less.
  • If normal stitches are used during surgery, the stitches should be taken by the doctor after approximately two weeks. For two weeks, the seams must not be played, and the area should be kept clean. If melting stitches are used instead of normal stitches, there is no need to go to the doctor.
  • Not sunbathing for a while is also among the things that should be done after breast aesthetics. Sunbathing darks the incision marks on the chest, making the marks even more visible. That is why people should not take sunbath for at least six weeks. Besides, it is also essential to avoid solarium for at least six weeks.
  • Patients are not advised to have sexual activity in the first weeks. This causes patients to get tired, as well as to act backward.
  • At sea or in the pool, there is a risk of infection in the operated area. Therefore, it is proposed that people do not enter the pool or the sea for at least three weeks after surgery.
  • It is also essential to eat healthily after surgery.
  • Breast aesthetics is a permanent procedure. However, there may be a change in shape in the breasts after non-exercise, unhealthy feeding, weight gain, and loss.
  • The healing process varies according to the patients. However, this situation generally lasts 6-8 weeks.
  • What needs to be done after breast aesthetics is to go to the controls regularly.

Breast aesthetics price

The price of breast aesthetics varies according to both the type and scope of the operation to be carried out. We would like to say that the price of surgery is not fixed. In other things, the price of breast augmentation surgery may be different, as well as the price of breast reduction surgery and the price of breast augmentation surgery. The price also differs according to the hospital, the number of days spent in the hospital, and the specialist doctor who will perform the aesthetic operation.

The price of breast aesthetics varies due to the criteria we have counted above. However, we would like to point out that there is something here that we need to underline. The priority of the people who will undergo surgery should never be the price of the surgery. The individuals’ priority should be to investigate and find the best specialist doctors and the team experienced.

It should be noted that the more experienced the doctor is, the more successful the result of surgery. What season should breast aesthetics be performed? What season should breast aesthetics be performed, which is one of the most frequently preferred plastic surgeries among women?

In general, some say that it would be more accurate to perform this surgery during the winter season. The reason is that the summer months are extremely hot. In the heat, it is thought that the healing process of people undergoing surgery is negatively affected, and the risk of infection and bleeding increases even more. However, this not applies to all plastic surgeries.

Technology is evolving rapidly every day. Accordingly, specialist doctors perform aesthetic operations with new techniques at any time.

These new techniques also make the healing processes of people undergoing surgery extremely short. In general, applications are made for breast aesthetics in winter. However, thanks to advanced technology, this operation can be carried out in a very comfortable way in summer as well as in winter. Specialist doctors suggest that an appointment can be made at the beginning of spring or summer, as winter is quite intense.