Breast Lift. Breasts, which are indispensable elements of female beauty, can now be shaped more effortlessly and without hindering your daily life. Breast lift surgeries; Nowadays, it is performed with tiny and concealable scars, in a way that you will feel little pain and without the need for hospitalization.

A wide variety of factors play a role in a breast lift, breast sagging. This can happen with heredity, excessive weight gain and loss, hormonal changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or even just ageing. If you are uncomfortable with this sagging appearance of your breasts, a breast lift is exactly what you need.

What is Breast Lift?

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical method that removes excess skin and other tissue that causes your breasts to sag and helps to make them look younger. This method is designed to give them a firmer and younger look by repositioning the breasts and raising the nipple higher.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgeries

Breast lift is a surgical procedure performed to bring sagging breasts back to an upright position. During this surgery, three basic procedures are performed: nipples are moved to where they should be, breast tissue is shaped, and excess skin is removed. If the breasts are large, excess breast tissue is removed, if small, it is supported with silicone prostheses. Breast lift operations are performed with reduction for those with large and sagging breasts, and augmentation for patients who are hollow and sagging after birth or weight loss.

Breast Lift With Vertical Mammaplasty Method

Vertical Mammaplasty is currently the most up-to-date breast lift technique. The scar left in this method is in the form of a vertical trace around the nipple and descending from here. In this technique, both the scar is short, and the aesthetic results are good. The breast base is narrowed better; the breasts stand more upright. It is also superior to other methods in terms of permanence of results.

Who Are Breast Lift Surgery Candidates?

Breast lift surgery is applied to those who have structurally sagging breasts, those with large and sagging breasts, those whose breasts sag after birth and breastfeeding, those whose breasts sag after excessive weight loss and whose breasts hang with age. Also, this procedure is applied to patients with “Tubular Breast Deformity”, also called “Goat Breast”.

At What Ages Are Breast Lift Surgeries Performed?

Breast lift procedures are generally performed on middle-aged patients who have given birth. However, if their breasts are structurally sagging, it can also be applied to very young patients. Surgery can be performed at a very early age, especially in patients with “Tubular Breast Deformity”. As with all aesthetic procedures, breast lift surgeries are not applied to patients under the age of 18 unless there is a special condition.

About Operation

Different incision techniques can be used in breast lift surgeries, for example, in breast lift surgery, it can be performed by making an incision only around the dark part of the nipple, that is, the part we call areola. However, in this technique, it is difficult to obtain a special shape in the breast, a slightly more square and flattened breast are obtained, and the possibility of bad scar around this breast, the possibility of enlargement, and the possibility of enlarging the dark part we call areola is very high. Therefore, this technique is not preferred today.

Instead, the technique of breast lift with a lollipop-shaped cut or a reverse T-shaped cut is more preferred. Although there are more cuts compared to the methods made only from the nipple, both the shape of the breast is much more beautiful, and the scars heal much better in these techniques. For this reason, the breast lift techniques preferred today are the lift in the shape of a lollipop and with an inverted T-shaped incision.

In some cases, the breast may become saggy quickly and after excessive weight gain and loss. Another reason for breast sagging is post-pregnancy breastfeeding and hormonal changes. Sagging in the breast is a common problem as there are continuous growth and shrinkage in the breast due to the monthly menstrual period. Sagging in the breast can occur in the form of both sagging and small breasts, both sagging and large breasts. Sagging breasts can be in harmony with the body, and they may appear as small or large according to the body.

If the breast is both sagging and small, then by placing a silicone implant with breast augmentation aesthetics at the same time, together with the lifting surgery, both upright and the proportion of the breast with the appropriate size can be achieved. Another possibility is that if the breast is both sagging and large, breast augmentation can be performed at the same time.

If the size is good, the only erection is sufficient. In some cases, these sagging can also be encountered with asymmetry; for example, one can be seen as a small drooping breast and a large breast. For example, the drooping and small breasts can be enlarged by using silicon, and verticalization and reduction can be performed on both the flaccid and large breasts on the other side.

Lifting surgery is not a painful operation; it is an operation of approximately 50-60 minutes if it is only to be erected. You can leave the hospital 4-5 hours after the operation or stay overnight if desired. Even if he stays in the hospital, he can stand up and walk around, eat his food, and do his daily work with ease. It is not a type of surgery that will require him to be withdrawn from his social life and work.

In some cases, for example, if the breast is both small and slightly sagging, or if there is a false sagging that we call false, then a cut like half a moon is made from the nipple, not all around it, and at the same time, the minimum length of the watch and a suitable size with the body can be achieved by placing silicone. Maybe.

Scars usually heal very well, but some people may leave scars in the form of thin and pink scars, which may continue for months. If such a thing occurs, trace removal creams can be brought to a reasonable state with laser shots. The marks on the breast are much more important because the breast is both a symbol of motherhood and femininity. Therefore, after breast surgeries, the scars should be as beautiful as possible so that there should not be any scars that look like a wound that would hinder the touch, and the scars generally heal well.

Is Only a Straightening Operation Sufficient in The Breast?

If the size of the breast tissue is sufficient, only lifting can be performed. However, breast reduction is often performed in lifting surgeries. Thus, it is ensured that the breast can maintain its upright shape for a longer time.

In patients with tissue loss in their breasts after birth and weight loss, it is necessary to fill the breast with silicone prostheses as well as lift. Thus, a straight and plump breast image can be obtained.

Is Anesthesia Necessary For Breast Lift Surgeries?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and in the operating room environment.

What Should Be Considered Before and After Surgery?

Before breast lift surgery, every patient should have mammography/breast USG. The radiological image obtained before the procedure to the breast is very important for subsequent follow-up. Mammography/breast USG is repeated one year after the operation.

In breast lift surgery, as in all surgeries, aspirin and smoking should be stopped three weeks before. Drugs and similar substances that can dilute the blood should be avoided in the last week.

Drugs that should not be used:

  • Pain relievers such as Apranax, Voltaren, Vermidon
    (Minoset, Novalgin can be used when pain relief is needed).
  • Multivitamin pills containing substances such as Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, CO-enzyme Q,

The consumption of herbal products such as green tea, flax seeds, cherry stalk, tomato seeds and all slimming products should be stopped seven days before.

How Long Does Breast Lift Surgery Take?

The operation takes about 2 hours. The more sagging breasts, the longer the surgery takes.

What Happens After Breast Lift Surgery?

Three hours after the end of the operation, one can eat and stand up. When? There is a small dressing at the incision site of the patient. He can take a bath after two days. After three days, he comes to control, and then he can return to work and start normal daily activities and drive. In the first three weeks, he should not do sports other than walking. Again, in the first three weeks, the sports bra should be worn day and night. After the third week, he can do all sports activities except arm and chest movements. After the sixth week, all kinds of sports activities are free.

In the first three weeks after mastopexy, the breasts stand higher and upright than normal; their appearance is not natural. After the third week, the appearance of the breasts begins to return to normal, and the breasts begin to descend to their normal places. Breasts take their full shape in 3 months. Subsequent checks are made at the end of the 3rd week, 3rd month, 6th month and first year, unless there is a special case. A control mammography / USG is performed one year after the operation.

Is the Result of Breast Lift Surgery Permanent?

As the patient’s age progresses, there will be some loosening in the breasts; however, it is never possible to go back to the pre-operative period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are breast lift surgeries painful?

There is not much pain when lifting only or when lifting with breast reduction. Mild pain occurs for the first few days and can be controlled with simple pain relievers.

Patients who have breast prosthesis with breast lift experience a painful period similar to breast augmentation procedures if the prosthesis is placed under the muscle. This period is overcome with stronger painkillers in the first three days. Silicone Prosthesis is often placed on the muscle in erection procedures, and small prostheses are generally used. Therefore, it can be said that there will not be much pain in prosthesis applications.

Will there be any scars in breast lift surgery?

In breast lift surgeries, scars may remain around the nipple and on and under the breast, depending on the degree of sagging, these scars are erased and become barely noticeable.

The most common method we use for a breast lift is the “Vertical Mastopexy” procedure. In this method, both the scar is not too much, and the aesthetic results are the best. In terms of permanence, “Vertical Mastopexy” is superior to other techniques.

Do breast lift surgeries affect breastfeeding?

What is said about breast reduction surgery is also valid for lift surgeries. The risk of not being able to breastfeed is even lower in those who undergo lifting surgery compared to those who are reduced. It can be said that the rates of lactation are not different from normal women.

Does the loss of sensation occur in breast lift surgeries?

There may be a temporary loss of sensation after breast lift surgeries. Permanent loss of sensation is not expected. A few months after the operation, the nipples regain their former sensitivity.

Is there a relationship between breast lift surgery and breast cancer?

Breast lift has no connection to breast cancer. When done with reduction, it significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer. Also, pathological examination of the removed parts provides important information in terms of patient follow-up. Cancer risk does not increase in patients who use prosthesis during erection.

Is There a Non-Surgical Breast Lift Method?

This question is asked by patients quite often. Although the answer is up to many patients, unfortunately, non-surgical breast lift, non-surgical breast recovery, non-surgical breast augmentation, non-surgical breast lift, etc. there is no such thing. There is no other solution but to surgically collect the sagging breast tissue and excess skin properly and to support it with a breast prosthesis if there is a lack of volume.