Facial plastic surgery is the name given to the surgical operation to treat aesthetic disorders that occur on people’s face, neck, and head. It is the most common operation that people resort to in order to correct aesthetic images. Areas of interest in facial plastic surgery are rhinoplasty, scoop ear (otoplasty), chin tip correction, eyelid surgery, facelift, and forehead lift.  Surgical operations are performed in order to solve people’s problems in these areas.

As a result of these surgical operations, people will be very satisfied with the image they will reach. At first, people who will see this treatment may have different questions in mind. The possibility of side effects or different problems after treatment scares patients. With this treatment, you have the chance to change even the slightest detail. Therefore, even if you have difficulties with the effects of treatment for a certain period of time, you will reach the image you want after the operation’s effects are over. Problems that may occur may occur temporarily, depending on the operation. You should take the necessary precautions in this process and be careful.

What is Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery?

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery are to eliminate congenital defects in the body or defects that are subsequently caused by specific causes with the help of surgical operation. It is a form of repair by a reconstructive surgical path. The areas covered by this treatment are areas such as nasal aesthetics, scoop ear, chin tip correction, eyelid surgery, facelift, and forehead lift. Many more fields can be counted. Bender, asymmetric, repair, and aesthetics of genital organs, planting of severed organs are areas of plastic surgery in deformations formed in certain body areas.

Facial plastic surgery can have significant results, so it should be investigated in detail, and the choice of specialists should be made. The method to be used when applying this treatment will be very important for you. When working with a good doctor, you will be met with guaranteed solutions. Therefore, you should choose your doctor, meticulously. You should get help from specialist doctors about the method to be applied.

Facial Plastic Surgery Application Methods

Facial plastic surgery performs operations on your face for any reason or for the elimination of congenital aesthetic disorders. The primary operations it provides are nose job, scoop ear, chin tip, eyelid surgery, facelift, and forehead lift operations. Some of the surgical methods used during these operations are lip and palate, skin cancer, skin tumours, facial trauma methods.

What are the prices of facial plastic surgery?

There is no certain price in the treatment of facial plastic surgery. Prices will vary according to the outpatient clinic, specialist doctor, or hospital where you will be treated. In addition, the procedure and surgical methods to be performed are certainly among the impressive factors in price. Skin types and problems vary according to everyone. With these differences in mind, you will be given special quotes.

What Are Facial Plastic Surgery Surgeries For?

Facial plastic surgery surgeries provide the removal of natural or subsequent aesthetic problems in the facial area. Because people care about aesthetic images, aesthetic problems in the facial area can cause psychological trauma.

This is accompanied by different problems, such as loss of self-confidence. These operations are carried out in order for people to feel more special and to get rid of aesthetic disorders. Moreover, as people age, different wrinkles may occur in the facial area. You have a chance to get rid of these wrinkles. Thanks to these treatment methods, you will be happy to see yourself when you look in the mirror, even in the future. You will feel special at every stage of your life. It provides an excellent opportunity for those who always aim to stay young. You can contact specialist doctors to take advantage of this treatment method.


Rhinoplasty is also known as rhinoplasty. It is the reshaping of natural or subsequent aesthetic disorders in the form of noses with the aim of eliminating them. Thanks to this treatment, your nose will be free of aesthetic disorders. Moreover, due to aesthetic disorders, you will have a chance to get rid of the health problems you are experiencing. Facial plastic surgery is an essential type of treatment. It will be the first limb nose to attract people’s attention in the facial area. Since it is the focal area of the face, aesthetic disorders in the nose negatively affect people. People undergo rhinoplasty surgery in order to get a better aesthetic. They use this treatment to attract people’s attention and to restore self-confidence.  If you are uncomfortable with your nose shape and you are having problems with it. You could have a nose job.

In this treatment method, you should choose a doctor very well and get the doctors’ necessary information before treatment. You should know how much the doctor of your choice will meet your expectations. As a result, patients who benefit from this treatment want to have a nose that will look good for them and society after treatment. In this step, the doctor has a big task. The aesthetics made after treatment need to be enjoyed by both the person himself and the community. Here you need to explain very well the procedure that is intended to be done to the doctor. The doctor should practice fine details, knowing very well. During this operation, specific proportions and geometries must be done correctly. Moreover, all the information about the patient should be analyzed during the treatment phase. Many factors, such as patient sex, age, and previously suffered diseases, should be evaluated.

Anatomy of the Nose

Located right in the middle of our face, the nose stands proportional both horizontally and vertically. Accordingly, it was the first limb to attract people’s attention when they looked at you. That is why people are so uncomfortable with aesthetic disorders in their noses. When we examine the nose in detail, it is made up of skin, sub-skin and muscles, bone – cartilage skeleton, and mucous membrane. When examining the nose’s structure, you encounter a structure made of cartilage and bone right in the middle of the septum step. In fact, when examining the outside, you encounter Conca, which will warm to the air of breathing. With these details on the nose, the skin is the most important. Thick skin can always produce different results in nasal aesthetics. Thick skin may cause changes to the nose to appear. The procedures performed on the noses with thin skin appear clearly and clearly.

What is the Purpose of Rhinoplasty?

The purpose of rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) changes according to the person’s wishes. In general, people undergo rhinoplasty surgeries to get rid of the shape disorders of the nose. In addition, different health problems may occur in people due to the disorder of the nose’s shape. Sleep disorders, snoring, and respiratory disorders occur. People can use this treatment to get rid of health problems. In short, it is a treatment method applied in order to get rid of aesthetic and health problems.

Is Rhinoplasty Difficult?

Rhinoplasty surgery is a very difficult operation. The nose, which is the most important point in the facial area, is the most challenging area for doctors to treat. This is due to the treatment to be done to make the nose what the person wants. Both the person and the people around him should like this treatment. That is why doctors can be under much stress. In these surgeries performed with fine touches, the doctor wants to get successful results, and they want to give you the result you want. They will do everything in their power to get results that fit your facial structure. At this stage, your opinions are significant to them.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

After the nose job surgery, you will get the image you want by getting rid of the nose-shaped disorders that you are uncomfortable with. At the same time, you will get rid of infidelity and demoralizing due to the nose causing aesthetic impairments. The person will feel special and feel happy looking in the mirror. In addition to physical effects, it will restore nasal functionality and eliminate problems such as sleep problems, snoring, and respiratory disorders. The person will continue to live a quality life by feeling good about their physical and health problems. This treatment method for people between the ages of 18 and 35 can be performed early in case of very advanced respiratory disorders of individuals of a younger age.

Scoop Ear (Otoplasty)

Scoop ear is also known as otoplasty. Otoplasty is actually surgery to correct the bad image created by the ear scoop. Thanks to otoplasty, the ear scoop, which has a congenital aesthetic dazzle, can be corrected, as well as the ear scoop and ear nozzle, which are aesthetic disorders due to different reasons, can also be treated. Facial plastic surgery does its best to remove this defect to improve people’s aesthetic appearance. This disorder, which can cause major psychological trauma, especially at a young age, can lead to different consequences if not treated early.

This problem, which started from childhood, has different negative consequences with his friends’ rhetoric in every environment the child enters. Accordingly, the child’s induction, communication problem, dislike, and exclusion will play a major role in his or her future.

Otoplasty treatment should be done in the preschool period for the development of children to be healthy. The negative consequences experienced by the person’s appearance will make the person very uncomfortable. The individual who will get rid of a bad image will start to spend their lives in a quality way. With the awareness of people, otoplasty, which is the area of facial plastic surgery, has become quite common. Be careful to treat your child’s development early for environmental relations and achievements in different fields. It is of great importance to the future of your children.


When we examine the ear scoop in detail, we see that it consists of soft, thin tissue. This tissue consists of cartilage coated with skin. It continues to develop until the age of cartilage, which begins to develop as a result of the birth of a human being. The cartilage, which has been completed in development, continues to change over the years. For example, young children’s ears are made up of a soft and foldable structure, while the ears of the elderly have a harder structure. While the ear scoop occurs in the mother’s abdomen, there are some folds that occur. By not completing the development of some of these folds, the scoop ear occurs. As a result, individuals apply facial plastic surgery to make their ears look more natural and to reduce clarity.

Scoop Ear (Otoplasty) Surgery

Different surgical methods are applied in order to correct the scoop ear that has occurred in individuals. It can usually be performed with shaping seams in the ear, where the ear’s cartilage is more flexible and soft in young patients and children. In this treatment, certain markings are performed in certain areas of the ear. The scoop ear is shaped with folds over these markings.

In addition, if the cartilage is too much, the enmity is taken, or the ear is thinned. In addition, an incision taken from the back of the ear can then be closed with the appropriate methods. After treatment, the dressing is performed by applying pressure with small touches on the ear scoop.

You will be able to get rid of the psychological negativity you are experiencing due to the ear scoop. This situation, which is of great importance to you, will lead to major changes in your life. This aesthetic problem, which creates major traumas, especially in children, will also have a major impact on the child’s psychological structure in the future.

In for the child’s healthy development in all respects, problems that affect them psychologically need to be eliminated. You can use these treatments at an early age in order to contribute to your child.

Jaw Tip Correction (Mentoplasty)

Jaw tip correction is also known as mentoplasty. It is the name given to the operation to hormone the jaw with the face in cases where it is not compatible with the facial structure. With this treatment, aesthetic disorders in the jaw are achieved, and a better aesthetic appearance is achieved. People need to like themselves when they look in the mirror to make them feel special. In order for people to like themselves, facial lines need to have a proportional aesthetic. Any disproportion or aesthetic disorder in the facial area can make the person quite uncomfortable. One of the areas that may have aesthetic disorders in the percentage is the jaw.

In general, when we examine jaw positions, an ideal jaw structure is considered healthy, which is 2-3 mm behind an imaginary line drawn upright from the nose. Jaws that are further behind the specified measurement are called weak jaws, while jaws that are further than the specified extent are called strong jaws.

In general, weak jaw images should be preferred in women. It makes women look more attractive. Conversely, a masculine image is captured by preferring the jaw structure, which is strongly referred to as the jaw in men. Surgery is performed entirely according to the preference of the person.

About Jaw Tip Correction

In this treatment method, when a weak jaw is requested to be corrected, an implant is implanted in order to enlarge the jaw, which is small and res withdrawn. At the same time, the same result can be obtained by moving the person’s own jaw in different ways. Some people may have tiny jaws.

Therefore, if the jaw needs to be grown, these procedures can be performed by taking tissues from the person himself. Tissues taken from the body are generally removed from the hip. Jaw-thinning can be performed using the patient’s own bone. This treatment also performs a reduction by taking a bone fragment in the jaws that look too large or uncomfortable. Transactions are carried out in accordance with the wishes of the person completely.

Before Chin Tip Correction

Before this treatment is done, you will be given the necessary information by conducting a general analysis of your face by facial plastic surgery, which is an expert in the field. After treatment, attention is made to the finest details to capture the natural appearance of your face. All the question marks on the mind of the person who will be treated will be successful in comforting you. In addition, specialist doctors will give you advice if different aesthetic problems are detected in your facial area as a result of this analysis. In this way, you will have a chance to get rid of different face areas’ problems.

When the analysis is completed, and the operation is decided, the doctor will ask specific questions about you. In order to have a healthy operation, he will want to know about the treatments you have seen before and the diseases you have had. It will tell you what you are doing, jaw tip correction, and what changes will be made to the jaw. As a result of various laboratory examinations, procedures are started to capture you’s best aesthetic image. You will need to pay attention to what you ate and drank the day before the operation. From the night before the operation, the patient should not eat or drink anything. You need to complete your dental cleaning before surgery. The specialist doctor will give you the necessary information about these issues.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. This treatment is generally used to eliminate eyelid problems. Problems may occur due to aesthetic or health problems in the eyelid. In order to eliminate these problems, certain treatments are applied.


The eyelid has the thinnest layer of skin in our body and is worn out due to age progression or genetic and environmental factors. Its durability is, therefore, less than in other regions. Because of the change in the eyelids, people feel that they are getting older faster. This issue is of great importance, especially in women. Wrinkles are a very uncomfortable issue in women’s personal lives. There is a thin layer of muscle under the thin skin on the eyelid. Below this muscle layer are fatty tissues. The deterioration of aesthetic images on the eyelid makes people look older and more tired than they are.

About Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is performed by taking the skin and oil bags located in the lower and upper eyelid areas and identifying the saggy tissues in the eye correctly in the designated areas. With this treatment, saggy eyelids can be improved to the old natural state. At the same time, the tired image is eliminated by taking bags of custody that stand bulging. That is how your old look disappears, and your self-esteem is fulfilled.

This treatment method, which allows you to capture a young look, will make you feel good when you look in the mirror. It will also play an effective role in decreased vision due to aesthetic image impairment. In fact, eye infection, dryness, and many diseases may occur due to these aesthetic disorders. This treatment is of great importance to everyone in order to get rid of these diseases that may occur in the future.

Face Lift

It is born with smooth and natural skin from human birth. People always want their skin to stay the way it was on the first day. Smooth, shiny, and youthful-looking skin always make people happy. As the age progresses, depending on different factors, it causes the skin to be more tired, wrinkled, and more worn out than before. As a result of people’s psychological factors due to this condition, facelift surgeries have emerged.

As a result of these surgeries, a facelift is performed to allow your skin to be restored. With this surgery, you will be made to feel younger by fulfilling your self-confidence. This treatment certainly will not stop ageing. This treatment will relax you psychologically, making you feel younger and more energetic.

As the rate of human life expectancy increases in a country, people’s ageing rates increase with this. We see how much these treatment methods are being used when we consider developed countries. People want to prevent ageing with their advancing age. Even if they cannot prevent it, they are living a healthier life by making themselves look younger with different treatment methods.

If you are curious about this surgery, definitely see a specialist and give the opportunity to make the necessary analyses about the operation. Analysis in line with your expectations will give you the opportunity to get a younger image. In these surgeries, different conditions such as skin type, your ethnic structure is taken into consideration. In order to do this, you should be informed by making the necessary examinations by facial plastic surgery before surgery. As a result of the analysis, the most appropriate treatment is determined, and surgery is provided. This surgery will be an unmissable opportunity for you to look young.

About Face Lift Surgery

As people age, they begin to yawn on the skins in the facial area, which leads to ageing. Wrinkles and lines on the face give you the opportunity to have an older image. These wrinkles will continue to increase as time goes on. Fatty tissues, which are also found in your cheeks, will begin to sag further down over time. No matter how energetic and youthy you feel, you will start to age as an image over time.

Depending on these, your face will be covered with a sad expression. These images occur entirely due to changes in the skin. Thanks to facelift surgery techniques developed in today’s conditions, you get the chance to get a natural image.

Wrinkles and signs of ageing are eliminated by stretching the face. That is how people feel young when they look in the mirror. You will get the most efficient results as a result of specialist doctors treating you with the most appropriate treatment methods. With the improvement in your image, your self-confidence and energy will be fulfilled. The way people around you look at you will also improve. All of a while, your quality of life will improve, and you will feel like you were in your old teenage years.

Forehead Stretching

The forehead stretching method is a method that is widely used today. It is generally applied for eyebrow lifting or for the purpose of removing wrinkles on the forehead. Wrinkles on the forehead make people feel old. In this respect, it plays an important role for people to feel younger. With the awareness of today’s people, facial plastic surgery methods have improved considerably.


Elasticity begins to disappear due to ageing due to the skin’s time and the play areas around your eyebrow. With the onset of wrinkles in the eyebrow region, signs of premature ageing appear. These changes allow you to have an angry or tired or sad expression. In this step, you have the chance to get rid of wrinkles that begin to form on the eye by lifting eyebrows. The problems that may occur due to these reasons will cause your insecurity in front of the mirror. In order to get rid of these factors that will cause different psychological problems, you can perform forehead stretching surgery. Forehead stretching, which is the area of facial plastic surgery, is a very good option to prevent ageing.

About Forehead Stretching Surgery

These methods, which are of general interest to women today, are made in order to remove eyebrow removal and wrinkles when we examine them in detail. Thanks to this treatment, people will feel younger by getting rid of their old age. The deep lines that increase as you age make you very uncomfortable. You will be able to get rid of these problems easily, which will even change your face.

Especially when this method is applied in the field of facial plastic surgery, together with other methods, it has very large results. Specialist doctors also inform you of problems that will create different ageing criteria during this treatment. If you fix the face area problems harmoniously, you will have the chance to get the young image you want.

Facial Plastic Surgery Reacts

Facial plastic surgery, together with my services, allows people to feel younger. You can eliminate these problems depending on your age’s progression or depending on different types of problems. The fact that people become more conscious and want to take better care of themselves has revealed these treatment methods.

People can enter into different psychological problems as a result of their time and change. They use these treatment methods to relieve themselves psychologically. When you face a mirror, people who encounter wrinkles get into a spiritual breakdown. Thanks to these treatments, their self-confidence is fulfilled, and they re-energize life. If you are experiencing the same problems, you can benefit from these treatment methods.