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Will the weight loss last after gastric sleeve surgery?

When performed properly, gastric sleeve surgery will be effective for a lifetime. However, following your diet and dietician’s instructions is also essential to preserve your weight.

How long will I be in the hospital after the gastric sleeve operation?

Gastric sleeve operation is a keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. After the operation you will stay in the hospital under care for 3 days. After the surgeons approval, you are going to be discharged on the fourth day. Most of the patients who had gastric sleeve go back to their daily routines after that.

What is the main advantage of the gastric sleeve over gastric banding?

Gastric Banding is an old method to lose weight. In time, gastric band develops band erosion, acid reflux, hernia and obstruction of stomach. Gastric sleeve does not develop these postoperative complications and has more success rates on weight loss in the long term compared with gastric band.

What should I do to prepare myself for the surgery? Are there any instructions to follow?

Before the operation, we ask all of our patients to follow a High Protein Diet for 3 weeks. Our Health Assistants and our beloved dietitian Rachel will give you a deep information about this diet.

It’s also our surgeon’s recommendation to all of our patients to stop smoking & drinking alcohol especially a week before your operation. You’ll also need to stop taking any blood thinning medicines like aspirin a week before your operation. (Depending on patients Body Mass Index , the duration of the Protein Diet can change)

What is going to be my diet like after surgery and who is going to be assisting me in the postoperative process?

After all the bariatric surgeries there will be a liquid and puree diet period. For non-surgical ways it will last for a week and for surgical intervention it will be for a month. No matter what the operation type is, all of these procedures will require a good diet to follow for a long time. Of course it will regularize in time but there will be certain regulations to follow. We are going to appoint a personal dietician to you who will inform you in details and assist you with your diet programme weekly. You can also check out our after bariatric surgery guide.

Which medication will the doctor prescribe me with after the surgery?

After the surgery you will be using medications and supplements to support your body. The supplements are protein shakes and multivitamins. After gastric sleeve and gastric bypass the food intake will be limited but also the body will not be absorbing vitamins from the food as much as it used to before. In order to compensate for the need for protein and vitamins, all patients use these supplements.

You will also be prescribed with 3 medicines. They are;

  • Blood Clot Preventer: It’s an injection which you will use for 10 days after your operation
  • A Gastro Protector: Which you’re going to use for 6 months after your Operation
  • A Painkiller: Which you’re going to use whenever you need it.

When can I get back to work after gastric sleeve operation?

We recommend for our patients to rest for a week if they can but if the patient is working in an office or if their occupation does not require them to lift heavy objects then they are able to go back to work after they return to their homeland.